By Roger Dey
Blackfoot Valley Dispatch 

Lincoln horse siezed by LCSO, moved to Helena for care


April 25, 2018

The Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office, working with the Montana Horse Sanctuary in Simms, seized a horse from a pasture west of Lincoln April 3 out of concern for the animals well-being.

Deputy Chris Joyce said the horse, a gelding known as Rodney, was being fed by neighbors and concerned residents who were donating hay for the animal. He said the horse's owners put a round bale in the pasture last winter, but as far as he knows, they never fed the horse during this last winter.

Joyce is seeking a warrant for the arrest of the owner.

"There will be charges of cruelty to an animal issued in a warrant," he said.

With the help of the horse sanctuary, the "extremely underweight" and swaybacked animal is being treated by two veterinarians and a farrier in Helena for overgrown hooves, muscle deterioration and open sores from live lice that were living on him.

"He's in poor shape," Joyce said, noting the vets are worried he'll put on weight that his muscles won't be strong enough to support.

Joyce said the County Attorney's office authorized him to seize the horse because it was being fed by citizens here in Lincoln for the last two years.

"One of the people agreed to stop feeding it for one day so I could intervene," he said.

Joyce said the horse is about 30 years old and had been living in the pasture for about 15 years.

With charges being pressed against the owners, the situation has a silver lining for Rodney.

"The horse sanctuary people will pay for the food and veterinary care for the horse for the rest of its life," Joyce said.


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