By Blackfoot Angler

Blackfoot Valley Fishing Report

June 20


Friday June 15th is being called the unofficial start of fishing the Blackfoot River.

Word got out that the river had dropped over 14,000!!!! cfs in the last several weeks, with the water clearing at below 5,000 cfs flow. And the big news: the salmonflies were being spotted from Russell Gates on up the river. With that, rafters were lining up at Harry Morgan FAS to float down the river.

Downside: at 5,000 cfs the river is still pretty fast and some were finishing their fishing float around four hours later. It is usually a full day float. This time of year, it is under a half day. So, the next question became: "What do we do now?"

With the heavy rains around the area Saturday things began to change on the river. The tributaries were dirtying up, the Blackfoot went back up another thousand CFS and by Sunday the clarity had dropped significantly.

But still, reports are saying they are catching a few on the lower North Fork with dark stoneflies and bright streamers, but nothing was happening on the surface despite the big bugs in the area.

So, the Fishing is Great!

The catching....not so much.

Let me add a warning out there: I know everybody is impatient to get the season started but there are still hazards on the water. Saturday, we had a raft lose a man into the Blackfoot. He was retrieved safely and unharmed, albeit incredibly cold.

Sunday had the saddest report, with a drowning on Rock Creek after the boat capsized.

And as the photo attests: debris is still collecting. This 100-foot tree entered the water sometime Saturday night and is now stuck below River Junction. It will take another 16,000 cfs flow to get it released from those rocks, which probably won't happen any time soon.

If you take to the water please do so with respect and caution. Thank you.


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