Blackfoot Valley Fishing Report 8-22


August 22, 2018

While writing this today it is currently raining! First time in 40-plus days for this immediate area.

And temps are in the 50's. And it is mid-August? What the heck? It is wonderful and may be just what we fisherpeople needed to get the fish back on the bite.

It's been a slow month following the infamous spruce moth period where fish were filling up their bellies with those obnoxious little brindle moths.

Every day we get hit with the two big questions: "How's the fishing? What are they biting on?"

I think I scratched a bald spot on my noggin' trying to think of the correct answer. So I'd just say "The fishing is great! The catching however is a bit off." And that was an understatement.

If I told folks to try hoppers or royal PMX's, nine out of 10 would get get skunked and that 10th person would hit the jackpot. If someone told me that they were nailing them on purple haze and tricos, everybody else would catch nothing. It was frustrating for everyone.

It is our greatest hope that with this rain, fresh air and cool temps, a new hatch may arise and start up the catching part of fishing that people long for. We can only hope. Hope brindle chutes and purple haze and the hoppers come to life and the fish get hungry.

Stay tuned til next week to see if we got it right this time.


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