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Mountaintop Musings: Evidence for Faith and Easter


April 24, 2019

Chester Beatty Papyri and Bodmer Papyri are almost complete New Testament’s and date from 200-250 AD. This helps ensure authenticity.

The completeness of the New Testament. We have it all, nothing missing. Most ancient writings have 10-20 percent of original.

Nine Key Factors Based on the Accepted Historical Facts Why There Are Positive, Factual Evidences for the Resurrection and thus for Christianity.

The Disciples Experiences, as early, eyewitness sources

The Disciples transformation into bold witnesses

The Empty Tomb

The fact the resurrection of Jesus was the center of the Apostolic Message.

The Jewish leaders could not disprove the message, Acts 1-5

The very existence and growth of the Church

The changing of the primary day of worship to Sunday, and

The historical conversion of two skeptics, James

and Paul.

One must ask what is the most reasonable and justifiable reason to explain these facts?

Who would die for a fake, fraud or liar?

The Creeds of The Bible

Creeds document and affirm Truth. Statements upon which groups and individuals base their meaning and purpose.

Three Main Elements of Christian Creeds.

Jesus’ Death; Jesus’ Resurrection, and his Deity.

The Main Creed, I Corinthians 15:3

All scholars say this is a very early creed. Delivered-received are non-Pauline terms. They are technical Jewish/Aramaic terms used in the passing on of oral tradition. Others are The Twelve Disciples; and the statements “He has been raised, For our sins, According to the scriptures; and He was seen.

Jeremias says it is “the earliest tradition of all.” The use of Cephas for Peter’s name is early Aramaic .

This creed dates from the mid-30’s, maybe 3 years after the resurrection. Paul was converted in AD 33-35; in AD 36-38 he visited Jerusalem and met Peter and James (Galatians 1: 18-19).

We have a great opportunity to discuss the resurrection with people this week with the passion of the Christ and Easter upon us. Won’t you take my challenge and share your faith with a non-believer. Their eternal destiny may depend on it! Jesus did not die on the cross so his followers would keep the greatest gift of all time to themselves!

(Dave & Lisa Carroll are area missionaries with InFaith, America’s oldest Christian home mission agency. You can contact Dave at 406.459.8935 or [email protected])


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