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By Jim Oly

Hey Howdy Hey


January 8, 2020

Just wanted to send out a little Hey Howdy Hey of thanks to the fellows who run the Lincoln Transfer Site.

Doug Cousins, who has been there 15 years and Dan Thomas who is under a month shy of three years. There is much work that is done at the site, along with many miles to cover with the truck. They travel east as far as the Montana Department of Transportation lot. West, they go out to Lone Point Rd and do the loop. South up Dalton Mountain and up Stemple Pas to McDunn’s, and of course all the different stops around town.

Before it became the Lincoln Transfer Site, which is owned by Republic Waste Services from Great Falls, it was known as Lincoln Landfill. I remember when I first moved to Lincoln in the early 90’s, Bill Gehrke was running the landfill at the time. I used to call it “D”mart. Because when I would go out there, I would come home with more than I brought.

Dan Thomas who is originally from Beaverton, Ala., said that Lincoln reminds him of his hometown. He said he remembers working on a Thanksgiving and having a guy stop and say, “Hey, you are working on Thanksgiving.” Dan said that he was thankful to have a job and that Lincoln has welcomed his family here to be a part of this great little community, and that he is humbled to have a small part in what makes Lincoln, Lincoln.

Thank you, Doug and Dan for all that you do, and your hard work is much appreciated.


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