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Up next for Lincoln Master Planning: Focus Groups

Next up for the Master Planning process will be a series of focus groups that will give locals a chance to have additional direct input into developing the plan.

The focus groups will be small group discussions planned for later this month. Each group should include about 12 community members and a steering committee member. Each group will discuss one of six topics that came out of the community survey. The discussions will welcome all perspectives in a constructive, civil dialogue that should last about two hours.

The Focus groups

Highway 200 corridor:

The Highway 200 corridor group will look at highway safety concerns, Montana Department of Transportation rights of way through Lincoln, parking, town approaches and visual cues to help slow drivers down and the borrow pit multiuse trails.

Existing Business Needs & Opportunities:

This focus group will look at the needs of local business as well as priority projects, funding and business assistance projects, the Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln's workforce and housing issues

Community Identity:

The community identity group will take up ideas for a possible town theme or appearance, the design of local signage, the towns history and heritage, community events and marketing.

Recreational Opportunities:

The recreation group will discuss utilization of existing trail plans, aspects of highway 200 safety, area trailheads and parking, potential for opening closed trails or roads, recreation related business opportunities and events and connectivity to town.

Community Needs & Economic Development:

This group will look at the potential for business expansion and new business, housing issues, targeted industries, community center and events.

Community Organization:

The community organization focus group will look at the potential for reviving the Lincoln Valley Community Foundation locally or the possibility of a different fundraising entity, non-profit or other structure, or development a central information and organization entity that coordinates the efforts of multiple community organizations and efforts, serves as a nucleus for project development discussions and presents to and works in coordination with the Community Council as needed.

Signup sheets for anyone interested in participating in one of the focus groups are available at Rusty Relics next door to D&D, or you can contact a steering committee member: Laurie Welty, Karyn Good, Roger Dey, Forest Mercill, Victor Johnson, Jill Frisbee or Dani Cyr.


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