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By Roger Dey

BVD unveils new, improved website


April 25, 2018

Back in 2012, the Blackfoot Valley Dispatch launched the newspapers first website. At the time, was meant to be a first step in bringing news of the Upper Blackfoot Valley into the digital realm, so we kept it basic. Too Basic. Unfortunately, it lacked much of what readers were looking for.

Little did we suspect it would be six years before we'd take the next step. But on April 4, we debuted an improved, full-featured

The new website is a bit of a work in progress since we're still learning the new system, but it provides a lot more flexibility to provide our readers with content online.

Unlike our old site, where we posted a single story, an image of our front page and list of headlines, readers can now find links to individual stories and content, organized into sections such as News, Features and Viewpoints. We'll also be able to include additional photos and press releases we may not have room for in our print edition.

Some stories and announcements - and all obituaries - will be available to everyone, but full access to the website and all our stories will require a subscription to the BVD. A free seven-day trial for the website is available, and current subscribers who want to use the website have complementary access right now. All you need to do is go to, sign up for the free trial and we'll get you into the system.

Our new website offers new options for advertisers as well, with website sponsorship ads, standard sidebar ads and splash ads available. We also have online classified and business directory advertising available.

Along with the new website comes a pair of new e-mail addresses that will help us streamline our business. We are maintaining our [email protected] e-mail, but for questions and submissions we can be reached at [email protected], or at [email protected] for questions or content related to advertising.

When you get a chance, go online and check out the new website. We've still got a few things to learn and some tweaks to make, but we hope you find it more useful and enjoyable than our first version. We welcome any feedback you might have. Comments or questions can be sent to [email protected] , [email protected] or through the contact page on the website.


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