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I'm Thankful for Montana

As a fifth-generation Montanan, I didn't choose Montana - Montana chose me. Over 100 years ago, my great-great-grandmother homesteaded 23 miles east of Conrad, and that's how my... — Updated 11/25/2022


From My Perspective: To Decorate or Not to Decorate - and When

There are jokes about it everywhere. There are memes on social media, conversations at the bars, and everywhere in-between. Wonder what I'm talking about this time? Well, it's... — Updated 11/14/2022

 By Roger Dey    Viewpoints

Editorial: As LVCC faces an uncertain future, last month's USDA funding presentation highlighted the need for a strong Chamber. There's no better chance to rebuild one.

The Lincoln Valley Chamber of Commerce meeting that is scheduled for 5:30 p.m., Thursday Nov. 10 at the Lincoln Library will center on how to keep the business organization viable... — Updated 11/11/2022


Op-Ed: Keep Montana, Montana when filling out your ballot

Election Day is around the corner, and one of the most fundamental rights we have as American citizens is the right to vote. With so much at stake this year, I encourage you to ask... — Updated 11/1/2022


Op-ed: Halloween Horror: Biden's America

Do you like scary movies? You don’t have to rent a horror movie this Halloween to feel spooked—just take a look at what President Biden and the Democrats have done since they... — Updated 11/1/2022


From my Perspective: Old Man Winter Comes Knocking

It's October, almost November, and what that means for most of the country is fall, autumn. Pretty leaves changing colors and a briskness in the air. For those of us in Lincoln,... — Updated 11/1/2022


Op-Ed: Independent Gary Buchanan will get America back win track

Americans, and Montanans in particular, are blessed to stand on the shoulders of giants. Fortunately for us, wise and brave leaders have shown us the way forward to fulfill the... — Updated 10/29/2022


Letter: Rosendale A Solid Supporter of Gun Rights

‘A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.’ The Constitutional right to keep and bear arms that is enumerated in the Second... — Updated 10/29/2022


My Answer: Can we reach world peace?

Q: I believe that if all of our politicians could get on the same page we could reach world peace. With the scientific advances and expanded knowledge that have been made in the... — Updated 10/22/2022


Letter: Vote Republican for common sense solutions

It's election season, also known as the season of misleading information. A prime example is what appears to be Montana Democrats' main talking point on legislative races: "If the... — Updated 10/21/2022


Opinion: LR-131 extreme, unnecessary to 'protect' infants

As a pediatric hospice and palliative medicine physician for many years, I can speak directly to the unfathomable harm that a ballot initiative called LR-131 would cause. Titled... — Updated 10/21/2022


From my Perspective: Changing Tides

As I’ve been talking and reconnecting with people these past two weeks, there seems to be a common theme among the conversations. Things are changing. Well, of course things are... — Updated 10/17/2022


Opinion: Protect Babies: Vote Yes on LR 131

This November Montanans will vote on an important referendum called "An Act Adopting The Born-Alive Infant Protection Act." This act will do just what the title states, protect babi... — Updated 10/17/2022


Op-Ed: A Win for Public Land Access, Hunters, and Agriculture

In 2019, WWII veteran Forrest Allen passed away, bequeathing 5,677 acres in Golden Valley County to the Shodair Children's Hospital. Today, as a member of the Board of Land... — Updated 10/17/2022


My Answer: Death the one common reality of human life

Q: Will a person who dies ever live again? - L.D. A: When we've been to a funeral, for a few moments we're solemn and thoughtful. Perhaps we ask, "Is this the end?" Someday we'll... — Updated 10/14/2022

 By Becky Beard    Viewpoints

Letter: Thank you HD80 voters and neighbors around the state.

Thank you HD80 voters and neighbors around the state. Your engagement with elected officials is heartening, especially when referencing our US and Montana Constitutions. We are... — Updated 10/5/2022


From my Perspective: You're Not Always Right … and Neither am I

We all have this notion that things are black and white, right or wrong, or ‘my way is better and your way can’t possibly be right.’ But, what if I told you just because your... — Updated 10/3/2022


My Answer: The home is the foundation of any society

Q: My dear mother is lamenting her life away as she battles with two of her three children about the importance of choosing the right mate for life. She pleads with them the... — Updated 10/3/2022

 By Roger Dey    Viewpoints

Editorial: How to Kill a Good Town (Revisited)

For the past ten-and-a-half years I've seen Lincoln move from a town stuck in an economic rut to one that began to take control of its own destiny. The successful development of... — Updated 9/21/2022


Op-Ed: Fair Day's Work for Fair Day's Pay

The only reason you're not rich is you're lazy. My mother told me that. She didn't buy my moaning about low pay in the state bureaucracy. Mom had a point. If I had been willing to g... — Updated 9/21/2022


My Answer: What the Future Holds

This is sort of a surreal column for me to write this week. While it’s not my last column ever, it is the last one to be in print…for now. If you would have asked me, almost thr... — Updated 9/21/2022


Saving faith is a commitment to Jesus as Savior and Lord

Q: What does the Christian message mean to say that there is a cost to following Jesus? Didn't Jesus pay the price? - C.F. A: God has paid the greatest debt we will ever incur, and... — Updated 9/21/2022


From My Perspective: The Cost of Education

There’s been a lot of talk about student loan relief lately. There are those who are for it, those who are against it, and some who haven’t totally weighed in on the subject. I... — Updated 9/7/2022


Guest Editorial: Wake Up Lincoln!

We would like to express an opinion relating to an article in the latest edition of the Blackfoot Valley Dispatch by Roger Dey, BVD Editor, regarding the future of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce. In the article it was stated that... — Updated 9/7/2022


My Answer: Too many worship everything but God

Q: My sister's very intelligent daughter is working her way through college and has turned her back on God and believes everything the professors teach concerning social matters. I... — Updated 9/7/2022


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