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My Answer: What the Future Holds

This is sort of a surreal column for me to write this week. While it’s not my last column ever, it is the last one to be in print…for now. If you would have asked me, almost thr... — Updated 9/21/2022


From My Perspective: The Cost of Education

There’s been a lot of talk about student loan relief lately. There are those who are for it, those who are against it, and some who haven’t totally weighed in on the subject. I... — Updated 9/7/2022


From My Perspective: Changes & Opportunities

Life is changing, there’s no way around it. It changes each day. Sometimes those changes are small and incremental, while other times, they are a wham, bam, thank you, ma’am,... — Updated 8/31/2022

 By Tammy Jordan    A & E

Arts Council plans pasty sale and more

The Lincoln Council for the Arts had their first meeting of 2022 to discuss their upcoming Pasty Fundraiser as well as upcoming events for the year. They are excited to bring more... — Updated 8/31/2022

 By Tammy Jordan    A & E

Arts Council to host Empire Trio for night of entertainment

The Lincoln Council for the Arts is bringing the Empire Trio for a night of music and entertainment to Lincoln on Thursday, April 6th at 7pm. The performance, which will be held at... — Updated 8/31/2022


From my Perspective: Living up to Expectations

Let’s face it, we’re always trying to live up to someone’s expectations. Some of those expectations are our own, some of them are from others and still other expectations are... — Updated 8/23/2022


From My Perspective: The things that bring us together

Last weekend was my annual trip to Whitehall for the Copper K Fiber Festival. This festival holds a spot near and dear to my heart for many reasons. The first is that it is the... — Updated 7/26/2022


My Answer: There're Only So Many Somedays

There’s been a lot of uncertainty in my life as of late. A lot of things going on with family, other things going on with friends, and even in my business. There are things I can... — Updated 7/13/2022


From My Perspective: My Life in Stitche

Something occurred to me this past week that I thought I would share with you all. As most of you know, I knit (among many other fiber-related activities). I knit small things and l... — Updated 6/28/2022


From My Perspective: Gratitude Changes Things

Over the past several weeks, there has been something missing in my day-to-day life. Not a person, not a place, not even something to be bought. My heart was feeling heavy, and... — Updated 6/14/2022


From My Perspective: Ta Done

We all have a to do list of some sort. Many of us are ruled by all of the things we have to get done, and often one thing becomes more urgent and knocks something else off or down... — Updated 5/31/2022

 By Tammy Jordan    Features

Duck Unlimited Banquet a success

More than 130 people from throughout the state of Montana, Washington, and Oregon attended the annual Blackfoot River Ducks Unlimited banquet and fundraiser Saturday, April 23.... — Updated 5/18/2022


From My Perspective: My Body, My Choice

Yeah, this one should prove to be a little controversial, but maybe that’s what we need. A calm, explanation and an opportunity for dialogue that helps. Here’s to hoping… So... — Updated 5/18/2022


From My Perspective: Something's amiss

I may not watch the news, but that doesn’t mean I’m not informed. Most of my friends who do watch the news hadn’t even heard of the destruction of our food processing and... — Updated 5/4/2022

 By Tammy Jordan    Community

Community Garden plans Open Meeting and Mini-Class

The Lincoln Community Garden has scheduled an open meeting for garden members and individuals interested in gardening on Tuesday, April 26. The gathering will be at Valler Coffee... — Updated 4/21/2022


From My Perspective

There’s been a lot of talk lately about gender, gender identification, choosing a gender, sexuality, biology, how it affects our kids of today, and the age they or their parents... — Updated 4/21/2022


From My Perspective: Elite Status

If you’re breathing, you’ve heard about the recent Oscar Awards fiasco involving Chris Rock and Will Smith. Photos of the punch and the constant talk of it have it front and... — Updated 4/6/2022

 By Tammy Jordan    Community

Planning underway for upcoming DU Banquet

Planning is underway for the Blackfoot River Ducks Unlimited Chapter's annual banquet. The committee began meeting in January to organize the event, which is scheduled be held... — Updated 4/6/2022


From My Perspective: Losing Our Childhood Heroes

I grew up in a very small town. I was five years old when we moved there in 1975, and the population sign read something just over 1,000 people. That same population sign as you... — Updated 3/23/2022


From My Perspective: Putting Aside our Differences

Holy cow! In the last ten days we’ve seen the start of a war, the release of Pfizer court documents regarding the COVID vaccine side effects, and our little town of Lincoln is... — Updated 3/10/2022

 By Tammy Jordan    Community

After two years, Pete Sitch Basketball Tournament to return next month

The Pete Sitch Basketball Tournament returns to Lincoln after a two-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is slated for the weekend of March 19 and 20, 2022. "We're back!... — Updated 2/24/2022


From my Perspective: Hunkering down... Tucking in

Just last week I thought spring had arrived. The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny. I had that lighter feeling, the one I get when spring is about to take hold. Even though... — Updated 2/24/2022


Love one another

Next week, we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with all the mushy cards, candy, flowers, and more. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those things, it just seems to me... — Updated 2/9/2022


From My Perspective

There are many reasons to celebrate, birthdays, weddings, graduations and milestones. Some are celebrated once a year, once a decade, or just once. But what about all of the... — Updated 1/26/2022


From My Perspective: Christmas Memories and Traditions

We all have our own Christmas and holiday traditions and memories that we either continue or that motivate us to create new ones. Some change and evolve over time, and sometimes we... — Updated 12/15/2021


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