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  • Only the Lord has conquered death

    From the writings of the Rev. Billy Graham, Billy Graham Literary Trust|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    Q: No wonder Christmas is a more favored holiday than Easter. Christmas speaks of a new life [the infant Jesus] that brought joy. Easter brings thoughts of death [His gruesome death], yet there is the new life found in resurrection, which is curious. What does the Bible verse mean when it says that death is swallowed up in victory? - B.I. A: Think about the holes children make when they dig in the sand on the seashore. When the waves come in, the holes are swallowed up by the...

  • Community Social Comes to Lincoln

    Tammy Jordan|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    It all began with an idea at the Lincoln Community Hall meeting. Now, with more than 20 organizations, the Lincoln Community Social (a.k.a. Get to Know Your Community and Neighbors Social) event is well on its way. The event, hosted by the Lincoln Community Hall and the Lincoln Valley Chamber of Commerce at the historic Lincoln Community Hall, is scheduled for Friday, April 14, from 4-8 p.m.. There are four main reasons the thought of a community social came about: First,...

  • Happenings at Your Lincoln Library

    Tammy Jordan|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    There have been things happening at the Lewis & Clark Library - Lincoln Branch, and more are on the way in coming months. Please check back monthly here at the BVD for updates from the library and events being offered. On Saturday, April 1, the Lincoln Library, through the support of the Lewis & Clark Library Foundation, brought a free program called "Painting with a Twist" to the community. Ten participants painted a Montana wildflower scene and had a great time doing it....

  • From My Perspective: A Turn in the Road

    Tammy Jordan|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    As spring has finally made an appearance and the snow begins to melt, the roads we drove all winter are starting to become dryer and more wide open. Open roads make me want to get out, drive, see and do things. In the winter, especially if you drive Flesher pass, the snow is built up all around you. It's difficult to see out the window to the expanse the Blackfoot Valley has to offer. I feel so closed in, claustrophobic and trapped. It's when I can see for long distances from...

  • Reminder: Leave Baby Animals Alone and Be Mindful of Diseases

    News Release, Montana FWP|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    HELENA – Each spring, Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks receives calls from people who have picked up deer fawns or other wildlife. It's important to remember that FWP does not accept, hold or rehabilitate moose, deer, elk and most other animals. Often times, people think they are rescuing an orphaned animal. However, it's important to understand that wildlife care for their young much differently than humans. They have strategies to provide the highest chance of survival for...

  • Bill Seeking to Put 'Right to Hunt' Constitutional Amendment to Voters Faces Tight Vote in Senate

    Caven Wade, UM Legislative News Service|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    Montana voters could be faced with a nuanced decision next year: Is hunting in Montana a right or a privilege? House Bill 372, which would make hunting, as well as fishing and trapping, a right protected by the Montana Constitution, is in its final stretch in the Montana Legislature, with a crucial Senate committee hearing set for April 13. Because the bill seeks to amend the constitution, the issue would be put to voters on election day in 2024 and to do that, it needs a...

  • Legislative Briefs - Week 14

    Caven Wade, UM Legislative News Service|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    Senate Debates Bill that Would Require Age Verification for Obscene Material Online The House of Representatives will now debate a bill that would add penalties for online companies that post obscene material without a form of age restriction or verification. Sen. Willis Curdy, D-Missoula, is sponsoring Senate Bill 544, which would make companies liable for the distribution or production of pornography to minors. The bill passed through the Senate 47-3 and is scheduled for...

  • Montana May Require Insurers to Cover Monitoring Devices for Diabetes

    Keely Larson, KHN-UM Legislative News Service|Updated Apr 11, 2023

    In between sets of tumbling warmups, Adrienne Prashar crossed the gym to where she had stashed her diabetes supplies and tested her blood sugar. Prashar, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes the day before her 13th birthday, said tumbling usually drops her blood sugar levels. Prashar, now 14, did a finger stick, saw her blood sugar was 127, and went back to the mat. For most people with diabetes, the target range is about 80-130, and up to 180 two hours after meals. Prashar...