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Articles from the January 8, 2023 edition

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  • BPSW welcomes new Executive Director

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Mar 8, 2023

    LINCOLN, Mont. – The new year brought with it a new executive director for Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild. Jenny Bevill officially stepped into the leadership role for Lincoln's international sculpture park at the beginning of January this year. Though she carries a different title, Bevill's duties will largely be the same as those of former Artistic Director Kevin O'Dwyer, who retired from his role with Sculpture in the Wild after the 2021 residency. Since m...

  • The Lunch Lady says goodbye

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Jan 11, 2023

    in 1977, a young 20-year-old hitchhiker found herself in Lincoln without any money. Soon Diane Krier had fallen in love with the town, and for the next 15 years worked at different local businesses to stay here. “The only place I think I didn’t work at was the Jerky Plant,” she said. “I wanted to live here. I wanted to be here. I was motivated in that direction to live here.” In 1992, Diane got the job that would cement her place in the community and the lives of generatio...

  • First week of 68th Legislative Session Sees Legislators Sworn in, Plans to Lower Costs of Inmate Communication and Update Livestock Laws.

    Caven Wade, UM Legislative News Service|Updated Jan 11, 2023

    Lawmakers Take Oath, Elect Leadership HELENA – The 68th Montana Legislative Session kicked off on Monday, Jan. 2, in Helena. Senators and Representatives took an oath to uphold the constitution and were sworn in during simultaneous ceremonies in their respective chambers at the state Capitol. Republicans hold a so-called "super majority" with 68 of the possible 100 seats in the House and 34 of the 50 Senate seats. Republican Representatives chose Rep. Matt Regier, R...

  • Proposed widening on MT 200 north of Rogers Pass

    News Release, Montana Department of Transportation|Updated Jan 10, 2023

    Lincoln, MT - The Montana Department of Transportation would like to announce and invite the public to comment on a proposal to widen one mile of Montana Highway 200, north of Rogers Pass. The project begins approximately 24 miles north of Lincoln at mile marker 95.8 and extends north for one mile ending at mile marker 96.8. Proposed work includes widening the shoulders of the roadway along the curves, flattening side slopes, adding shoulder and centerline rumble strips, and... Full story

  • Parties Name Affordable Housing, Cost of Living, Childcare and Red Tape as Priorities at 68th Legislative Session.

    Caven Wade, UM Legislative News Service|Updated Jan 10, 2023

    HELENA – As the 68th Montana Legislature gets into full swing in Helena, party leaders say affordable housing, the cost of living, access to child care and reducing red tape will be some of the top issues lawmakers will attempt to tackle in the 90-day session. Republicans hold control of the governor's office and the Legislature, and in the Legislature, they hold what is called a "super majority" with 68 of the 100 House seats and 34 of the 50 Senate seats. Republican party l...

  • Op-Ed: Medicaid rates for Montana nursing homes

    Mary Armstrong, Valley County Commissioner|Updated Jan 10, 2023

    As Montanans, we care for each other. Across the rural-urban divide, generational divide, and Brawl of the Wild divide. Of all our constituents across Montana, the most deserving are our elderly neighbors who are on Medicaid benefits. They have served Montana well, and at this final stage in their lives seek the promise of compassionate, medically appropriate care. Most of them are out of money, have used up their care options with family members and loved ones, and cannot...

  • Op Ed: Senate Republicans agenda for this legislative session

    Sens. Jason Ellsworth-Ken Bogner-Steve Fitzpatrick, Montana Senate|Updated Jan 10, 2023

    The 68th Montana Legislature is officially in session. As Senate leadership, we're excited to see Senate Republicans getting to work on enacting conservative policy for our state. The last time the Legislature met, we successfully passed a conservative balanced budget, cut taxes for individuals and businesses, secured our Second Amendment rights, invested in public access to public lands and high speed broadband, and passed legislation to protect the unborn and further secure...

  • From My Perspective: New Year, New Word, New Outlook

    Tammy Jordan|Updated Jan 10, 2023

    Well, we’re a week into 2023. I’m happy to report I haven’t broken any New Year’s resolutions, but that’s mostly because I didn’t make any this year. Instead, I opted to follow the quote I found on Facebook from Victoria Erickson, author of Rhythms & Roads. It reads: “Just a reminder that you don’t have to make resolutions. Or huge decisions. Or big proclamations. You can just set some sweet intentions and take each day as it comes.” I like this approach to the new year much...

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