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  • Guest Editorial: Lincoln Prosperity Proposal a local effort that needs congressional support

    Zach Muse, Lincoln|Updated Apr 8, 2024

    The Upper Blackfoot Valley, specifically the community of Lincoln, is not just where I live, it is also where I serve. As a native Montanan, I moved to Lincoln 20 years ago and found my place. I was surrounded by country where I could fish, hunt, and enjoy the backcountry whether on a snowmobile or a mule. I first served as a volunteer firefighter, and now serve as the Lincoln Fire Chief and as a member of the Upper Blackfoot Valley Community Council. Almost ten years ago, I...

  • Chief's Corner: Fire Danger

    Zach Muse, Lincoln Fire Chief|Updated Jun 23, 2021

    First of all, I'd again like to thank everyone who came out and supported us at the Firemans Ball and those who generously donated. We can't do it without you. You will notice that we just moved fire danger to high. Things are drying fast and we will probably go to very high in the next week or two. Please be careful out there. It wont take much. With the onset of fire season, please keep your eyes peeled and if you see something, call 911. We rely on everyone to report...

  • Open burning closed as warm weather dries out fuels

    Zach Muse, Chief- Lincoln Fire Rescue|Updated Jul 21, 2020

    As you may have noticed, burning is closed. We do this every July/August and depending on fire conditions, into September. This has been the same for years. We have kept it open if it was unusually wet, but that’s pretty rare. There are numerous reasons why. First and foremost is because of fire danger. Just because it’s pretty green right now, there are places in our protection that have dried out faster. The south facing hillsides and bare slopes with lots of cheat gra...

  • A Reminder from the Fire Chief: as summer heats up, so does fire danger

    Zach Muse, Chief, Lincoln Fire Rescue|Updated Jun 24, 2020

    Well, we made it through another winter and spring and really had no flooding issues; a nice break for all those that have been having issues the past few years. Now we head back into fire season. Weather From all the outlooks we have gotten, it appears that we can have an average season or we can have an above-average fire season. Hard to predict what Mother Nature is gonna throw at us. I'll get back to you in October and tell ya what kinda fire season we had in case you...

  • ChiefsCorner: Summer was a nice break, but it's time to prepare for winter

    Zach Muse, LVFR|Updated Sep 26, 2018

    Looks like we made it through fire season with barely a dent. It was a nice break for the valley after last summer, the tough winter, and of course the flooding that hit us pretty hard this spring. It gave the firefighters a little time to catch up on projects. Not just at the fire department, but the ones we neglect all too often at home. And maybe even get a little hunting in this year as well. That being said, it's time to start getting ready for winter again. I know....

  • It's Drying time again

    Zach Muse, LVFR|Updated Aug 1, 2018

    The tremendous amounts of rain we got this spring and early summer are gonna come back to haunt us. We have tons of grass. Tall, tall grass. And its drying out fast, and with just the tiniest spark and a little breeze, it can ignite and chew up some acreage quick and in a hurry. And of course, we still have all the red and dead in the hills that is always looming over us. We are obviously having a later start to fire season than last year, but pretty much on par for the...

  • Thanks for a record breaking Fireman's Ball

    Zach Muse, Lincoln Fire Rescue|Updated May 2, 2018

    Sorry this has taken a while, but I've been waiting to get some better numbers on what we earned from the Fireman's Ball and get all the bills in. I've gotten most of them in and after going through the numbers best we can, I'm gonna go out there and say that without a doubt, it was another record breaking year for the Fireman's Ball. It's a bit rough, but we should net around $20-$21,000, when we figure the expenses and what was earmarked for the new 6x6 water tender we are j...