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  • Op-ed: Quality of life survey confirms policy decisions¬†

    Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, Hamilton|Updated May 8, 2024

    A recent University of Montana survey confirms what legislators have been hearing from our constituents: Montanans are seriously concerned about several issues that they say are negatively impacting quality of life. Among the findings, 90 percent think that urban sprawl eating up open lands is a problem, 84 percent are worried about Montana's changing character, and 78 percent think outdoor recreation is becoming overcrowded. The 2023 Legislature passed legislation to take...

  • Op-Ed: Why I'm appointing a new Senate committee

    Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, SD43 - Hamilton|Updated Apr 23, 2024

    I recently announced that I'm in the process of appointing a new committee of the State Legislature. The Senate Select Committee on Judicial Oversight and Reform is a bipartisan committee that will be made up of state senators, representatives, and members of the public. It will be charged with addressing violations of the state's constitutional separation of powers by the Montana Supreme Court and certain district court judges. A series of troubling judicial rulings at the di...

  • Op-Ed: Cheers to more good, local beers

    Montana Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, Hamilton|Updated Mar 15, 2024

    Montana beer is a unique industry. Local breweries are dedicated customers of Montana farmers, buying locally grown raw agricultural ingredients. They brew those ingredients into a wide array of delicious, value-added, made-in-Montana products that routinely win national awards. Breweries have become community hubs for activities like live music and philanthropy. Many are now centerpieces of rural towns. A great example is Libby, where Cabinet Mountain Brewing is known as...

  • Op-Ed: Legislature cut red tape to increase housing availability

    Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, Hamilton|Updated Oct 18, 2023

    The Legislature's major zoning reforms to increase the supply of affordable housing in Montana have made a lot of news, but there was also another significant pillar of our pro-housing work during the session: cutting red tape. Excessive government regulations have been one of the barriers to meeting demand for housing. Every regulation also increases costs, making what homes do get built more expensive than they otherwise would be. The Legislature's regulatory reforms touched...

  • Providing financial relief to Montanans

    Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, Hamilton|Updated Feb 23, 2023

    Republicans' number one goal this legislative session has been to provide financial relief to Montanans struggling with Joe Biden's inflation and the high cost of living. An early, priority package of eight pieces of legislation is aimed at delivering on that mission. Together, these bills combine to immediately put money in Montanans' pockets, provide long-term tax relief, and reduce taxpayer obligations into the future. House Bills 192 and 222 return over $700 million of...

  • Daines Cannabis Banking Reform Bill Helps Align Federal, State Law

    Montana Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, Montana SD 43 Hamilton|Updated Dec 17, 2022

    I'm not a pro-marijuana guy. I voted against Montana's adult-use cannabis initiative (I-190) in the 2020 election. However, since Montanans approved the initiative and recreational marijuana has taken effect in our state, I've been committed to following the will of the voters and making sure our new system works safely and effectively. One of the biggest barriers to that objective is outdated federal law that causes problems for states that have legalized cannabis. In...

  • Addressing state's economic challenges and opportunities

    Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, Montana Senate - Hamilton|Updated Jul 13, 2022

    As we begin to approach the 2023 legislative session, Montana workers, families, employers, and elected officials are all facing a unique combination of opportunities and challenges that we haven't seen before. In many ways, Montana's economy is better than ever. Governor Greg Gianforte recently announced that our unemployment rate remains at a record low while more Montanans are working than ever before. The Treasure State's economy and personal incomes are growing at the...

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