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Articles from the October 15, 2023 edition

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  • Op-Ed: Is a new GOP tax underfoot?

    Montana Rep. Mary Caferro -D, HD 81|Updated Oct 18, 2023

    The Montana Republicans claim that they support lower taxes and they do – selectively. They support lower taxes on millionaires and big corporations. Not you. The evidence from the 2023 legislative session is unambiguous. When property values shoot up, like they did this year, it will be homeowners and small businesses, not big corporations, that pay. "Property taxes" include several different kinds of property, from the homes where everyday Montanans live to the buildings t...

  • Op-Ed: Legislature cut red tape to increase housing availability

    Sen. Jason Ellsworth - R, Hamilton|Updated Oct 18, 2023

    The Legislature's major zoning reforms to increase the supply of affordable housing in Montana have made a lot of news, but there was also another significant pillar of our pro-housing work during the session: cutting red tape. Excessive government regulations have been one of the barriers to meeting demand for housing. Every regulation also increases costs, making what homes do get built more expensive than they otherwise would be. The Legislature's regulatory reforms touched...


    News Release, Montana FWP|Updated Oct 18, 2023

    HELENA - Although most hunters respect the land, property and wildlife they are hunting, a minority do not. Yet these few bad actors lead to frustration from private landowners and hunters looking to do things right. This year remember: It's up to us. Respect access. Protect the hunt. Every hunting season, there are reports of vandalizing of Block Management Area (BMA) boxes, hunters driving off road, illegal trespassing, hunters being shot over, littering, and livestock being...

  • Bird hunters should be aware of highly pathogenic avian influenza in wild birds

    News Release, Montana FWP|Updated Oct 18, 2023

    HELENA – Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus was first detected in wild birds and domestic poultry in Montana in spring 2022. While HPAI cases in wild birds did decline over the summer, there are detections of new cases in parts of the U.S., including Montana again this fall. HPAI viruses are extremely infectious and fatal to poultry and some species of wild birds. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is continuing to monitor the situation by testing wild birds that display s...

  • Avon – Heart of the Little Blackfoot Valley

    Kilynn Groen with Rick Graetz, University of Montana|Updated Oct 18, 2023

    Fifteen miles up the Little Blackfoot River from Garrison Jct. and straddling US Hwy 12 sits Avon. A picturesque place, the Little Blackfoot River skirts the south perimeter of town, Nevada Creek Valley runs its course on the north, the Garnet Range begins its rise on the northeast and the Crown of the Continent's southwest corner is just a few miles to the northeast. About 115 folks in town and 200 in the surrounding area call Avon home. "Gold, Gold, Gold!" are the words...