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Teacher Appreciation on tap at Lincoln School this week


Roger Dey

Teacher Appreciation is filling our school this week.

The teachers are being treated all week with breakfast, lunch, and homemade treats from local parents as well as a full on catered lunch from Bushwackers and words of encouragement from community members and businesses.

Each day multiple prizes donated from local businesses are awarded to staff members. The prizes range from gift certificates, visa gift cards, goodie baskets, salon basket, and flower bouquets.

Thank You notes from local businesses, as well as nomination forms from other staff and community members can be found on the teachers' lounge door to remind our staff why they are so great!

If you missed out on turning in a teacher nomination/thank you form, it's not too late! There is still a day for you to fill out a form at the school, Coyote Coffee, D&D Foods, or Mountain View Co-Op to let our staff know just what a difference they make, and to enter them into Thursday's prizes.

Here is a glimpse of what students appreciate and are thankful for in our Lincoln Lynx Staff:

2018 Teacher Appreciation Interviews

Sage Kamps (10th grade): "I appreciate how Mrs. Bullis makes a special effort to pay attention to her students and makes sure they're taken care of."

Gavin Jorgensen (11th grade):

"I appreciate Ms. Gilbert for taking time to go one on one with me with my instrument that I play because it's different than all the other instruments. So she took the time to accommodate to that."

Myles Greany (kindergarten):

"I look forward to seeing Mrs. Nancy because she gives me snacks."

Jaken Shelton (10th grade):

"I appreciate that Ally always puts a smile on everyone's face every time we come through the lunch line."

Connor Walker Young (7th grade):

"Ms. Storey is very nice to me. And she helps me out whenever I need help."

Nani Heard (8th grade): "Mr. Pierce helps me a lot. I will be really confused and will be like, 'Um uh, help me!' and he will be like, 'Okay, just a minute'. And, he's really awesome."

Leah Tams (2nd grade): "Ms. Diane makes the most delicious food!"

Jordyn Marcum (8th grade): "Mr. Williams helps a lot of students, and I like how he helps them. He shows that he wants them to learn."

Hailey Corrigan (8th grade):

"I love how hard Miss Grigsby works to get everyone on the right path."

Madilyn Gilbert (4th grade):

"I think Mr. Doug is super nice for driving, even long ways away and in stormy weather."

Jasmine Melton (8th grade):

"Mr. Reed shows that he is very avid about us moving on in life and doing very good."

Bradley Howard (9th grade):

"Mrs. Richards is generous and always has a smile on her face."

Makena Copenhaver (4th grade):

"I appreciate how all Ms. Fitzgerald is going through, that she's still there to teach us. And, she still helps us."

Kade Good (6th grade):

"Mr. Roberson is a really nice teacher. He knows what the kids are allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. He is really smart about how kids can do science and all that stuff."

Tristan Tronstadt (kindergarten):

"Mr. Bellor is really nice because he lets us have free time."

Ethan Melton (5th grade):

"Mrs. Mannix has really influenced me to work harder in school and not just go off and not do any work."

Ethanel Pherigo (7th grade):

"I think it's funny when Mr. Brown yells and laughs at the same time, and he can do it on purpose!"

Seth Pherigo (1st grade):

"I like my teacher because she's really, really, really kind." Ms. McDonough

Destiny Sharp (10th grade):

"I appreciate that Mrs. Templeton is always very respectful to me."

Makenzie Storey (10th grade):

"Ms. Carol has a big heart and she's always nice!"

Roegun Dietz (4th grade):

"Mrs. Mo is nice, no she's awesome and I love getting to pick prizes."

Nathan Brown (10th grade):

"Mrs. Heisler makes people lighten up and talk and is someone you just like to be around."

Allen Walker (9th grade):

"I'm thankful Mr. Jake takes out the bleachers and has a great personality."

Josh Rios (3rd grade):

"I'm thankful for Mrs. McLean helping me and I like that she lets us listen to books."

Jerilyn Dietz (12th grade):

"I appreciate Miss Olivia because she's gone above and beyond for the Seniors."

Jalisa Ortega (2nd grade):

"I think Ms. Ross is really nice because she helps us and sometimes she lets us color and journal."

Savannah Hurst (10th grade):

"Mrs. Anderson is very nice, even when you get in trouble."

Trevor Tolan (6th grade):

"Ms. Spencer gives us multiple chances on things but my favorite thing about her is that she has a great sense of humor!"

Joey Weiderhold (9th grade):

"I think Mr. Derek is great at keeping the school nice and clean."

Frances Canon (12th grade):

"Ms. Erickson is a hard working teacher and she puts up with a lot of stuff!"

Ray Ortega (kindergarten): "Mrs. Gardner is my favorite because she lets us do fun stuff and once she be's nice to us and we can do whatever we want outside."

Jourdan Rios (6th grade):

"I like Mrs. Jackie because she always has fun stuff for us to do!"

Elijah Barnett (3rd grade):

"I like Mrs. West because she is really nice. She lets us read in our spare time. And, I really enjoy how much fun she is and how we play games and have a lot of fun and entertainment while she's around."


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