By Roger Dey
Blackfoot Valley Dispatch 

Watered Down


Rogere Dey

Rain and hail hammers into puddles along main street during a storm Wednesday, May 16.

According to Zach Muse, who recently installed a rain gauge provide by the National Weather Service, the area received .4 inches of rain in 30 minutes that afternoon. By the following morning the town had received .57 inches of water. To top it off, the lightning that accompanied the storm set fire to a tree in the Park Creek Fire area.

Despite the recent high water and flooding, the rain and hail over the past week didn't stop flood waters in the Lincoln area from receding, with many of the low laying pastures in the valley reappearing from the water.

Things may be looking better as flooding along the smaller streams lets up, but Lincoln Fire Chief Zach Muse said some houses are still being affected by high water, and several area streams including Poorman Creek, Keep Cool Creek, Spring Creek and Beaver Creek have been rerouted in some areas into newly formed channels, which present their own set of problems.

Muse also expects to see more flooding along Landers Fork and the Blackfoot River as they start to see additional runoff from the high country snow pack over the next week or two. (Roger Dey photo)

An intermittent pont alsong Beaver Creek Raod reflects the mountains north Lincoln, showing the remains snow cover


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