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5th Annual Terman Run


August 8, 2018

Roger Dey

A pair of side-by-sides come down Beaver Creek Road Saturday morning during the 5th Annual Heather Terman Memorial Fun Run.

This years fun run, with 160 hands and 50 riders, was the largest since the inaugural run in 2014. Last year, the Park and Arrastra Creek Fires limited the size of the fun run, but this year they were able to run the entire route of about 50 miles.

Since Terman was dedicated to helping kids, the proceeds of the fun runs always go to benefit causes for kids that people don't always donate to. This year, the money will go to help the Junior High Track program and the cost of a new scoreboard system for the Lincoln School gym

Roger Dey

A rider unloads his side-by-side for the run.


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