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Letter: Scott's professionalism delivers


October 31, 2018

Roger Dey

Dear Editor

Catherine Scott is not a personal friend of mine. She has not asked me to write this letter. I doubt she even knows this is my hometown. She certainly doesn't know (or care) that I tend to vote conservatively.

I only know Catherine through her professional position at the Department of Justice, where she exercises considerable professional judgment. I review her work product at least weekly in order to make legal decisions affecting my clients.

I have observed Catherine Scott's professional work over the course of several years now, and she consistently demonstrates fact-based, evidence-supported judgment, even in the face of resistance, in each and every case she works on.

I already voted for Catherine Scott because, party politics aside, I have witnessed first-hand her good judgment and her professional integrity in action for several years now. She delivers public service at its best!

Please vote for Catherine Scott to represent us in the legislature.

Bridgitt Erickson

Lincoln, Mont.


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