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By Roger Dey

View 'Songs for the Blackfoot Pathways' performance online


November 21, 2018

Roger Dey

Adele O'Dwyer

Fans of this years Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild concert series who missed out on the debut of composer-in-residence Adele O'Dwyer's "Songs for the Blackfoot Pathways" in September can now watch the performance online.

Starret Artists of Stevensville recorded the performance and recently completed the final edit of their video footage of the performance and posted it to the video sharing website Vimeo at

O'Dwyer, joined by violinist Marvin Suson, Pianist Cullen Bryant, her daughter aoise O'Dwyer on the viola and vocalist Pan Morigen, performed the original compositions at the Lincoln Community Hall Sept. 28 as the finale' of the three-week concert series, which included lunchtime concerts commemorating the Hall's centennial and a Montana/Ireland song exchange with Lincoln School students.

The piece, an episodic one movement work comprised of four original songs by O'Dwyer for strings, piano and female voice, incorporates the poetic imagery of Native American poets Victor Charlo and Heather Cahoon. The poems "Wasp and "Elk thirst" by Cahoon and Charlo's "Buffalo" and "Eagle" provided the lyrical foundation around which O'Dwyer constructed her musical composition.

"The initial inspiration was that there was a sort of pathway of native peoples through this area," O'Dwyer told the BVD in September. "My hope [was that] I could capture some of the beauty of the spiritual way they think about nature and encapsulate that, somehow, in the music, maybe I could offer an experience...which may contain some of those ways of life."


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