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Putt Putt Thank You


Thank you to all the sponsoring bars and restaurants, motels and all our local businesses and people for anything you do to help make this happen. Your baskets and the auction items that are donated help us make money for our town. The bigger and better auction items, the more money we make for our town. We brought 360 people into town this year and we had an amazing outcome with all the beautiful auction baskets put together by Misty Asher. Special thanks to her for the many hours and days of work, and Barb French for all the auction items she gathered and many trips to town, the invasion of her home and DeeAnn Asher for her help on the baskets. It was a lot of hard work by these gals.

A thank you to so many for the event at the Community Hall. Set up Friday, Reece Hagen, Scott Large, Mark Christian, Hotel Lincoln Crew, Misty Asher, Barb French.

The day of Putt Putt, Barb French, Diane Ironi, Ellie & Sue, my friends, and family from Great Falls, Mollie & Callie, Izabelle Loney and sister Marsha Winn, Diane Hinz, Claudette VandenBos. Cleanup crew, Bonnie, Mark, Hotel Lincoln Crew and Lindseys kids, Gary Ouelette, Ken Ouelette, Denise Kriesch, Sharla, Becca, Ron, Carrie Wolfe.

Bonnie Christian


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