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By Roger Dey

Eight organizations receive Putt Putt donations


Roger Dey

Beneficiaries of this years Lincoln Putt Putt accept donations from Lincoln Putt Putt organizer Bonnie Christian Wednesday, May 15. From left to right, Marge Kolve for Sam's Hope, Melissa Gilbert for the school music department, April Erickson for the school art department, Diane Ironi for the Senior Center, Organizer Bonnie Christian, Barb French, Ernie Lundberg, for the Lincoln Ambulance, Renee Lundberg for the Community Hall, Misty Asher, and Derek Perez for the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department.

"We are so very excited, the Lincoln Putt Putt was a huge success,"said Bonnie Christian, the event's organizer. "It has grown to be one of the largest events in Lincoln, bringing 360 people into town, some starting Friday night and not leaving until Sunday morning. Motels, restaurants and all our sponsoring bars were extremely busy. Even our grocery store and Mountain View co-op were very busy."

The 10th Annual Lincoln Putt Putt Mini-golf Tournament saw a record 72 teams take part in the mini-golf tournament this year. It raised more than $10,000 through entry fees and auctions.

This year, Christian donated the money raised by Putt Putt to the Lincoln Volunteer Ambulance, Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department, the Lincoln Community Hall, Sam's Hope, the Lincoln Powerhouse fitness center, the Lincoln School art and music departments and the Lincoln Senior Center. She's also using part of the money to purchase folding picnic tables and large trash cans for use during community events.

Christian said this years Putt Putt auction featured 67 baskets made up with items donated by locals. Misty Asher and Barb French were instrumental in putting the baskets together, but due to the amount of work, she's hoping people will put baskets together themselves next year.

She said baskets can come from individuals, not just businesses.

"Pickup cool stuff to put a basket together, pick a theme and go with it, kitchen, tools, outdoor, car, bathroom, kids, dads, moms, household, pampering, so many ideas," Christian said. "Get your neighbors together and put together something. Get them done early, we will pick them up and store them. We are trying to get the auction items early, so we don't have to run ourselves ragged before the event."

She said if anyone wants to help in any way next year, they are always looking.


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