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By Roger Dey

Community Hall boasts new back porch, additional improvements


August 21, 2019

Roger Dey

Last week a group of volunteers completed the final step in the Lincoln Community Hall kitchen remodel that started last year, as they tore off the back porch of the building and replaced it with something new.

Community Hall President Ernie Lundberg said Doug Vulcan, Bob Frank-Plumlee, Kevin & Donna Forkan, Nyle Howsmon, Jeanette Nordahl and his wife Renee Lundberg spent "a solid week" replacing the old,small kitchen porch, which had deteriorated over time and was beginning to rot.

"We enlarged it and made the ramp, so you can get things out of the storage building," Lundberg said.

The covered porch also allows users a large area to store trash and other material as they are cleaning up the hall.

The "ramp" that extends from the storage shed, where the hall's extra chairs are stored, to the back door of the kitchen, is designed to make it easier to move the chairs during larger events. It also serves as a sort of loading dock that will allow users to back a truck up to it to make it easier to load and unload of chairs for off-site use or for trash and other supplies during an event at the hall.

Roger Dey

The ramp does leave a gap between the storage shed and the building that Lundberg conceded will have to be shoveled off in the winter, but it nevertheless represents a significant improvement over the original structure.

Lundberg told the BVD some of the other improvements made to the hall this year include new energy efficient LED lights that replace the older fluorescents and new carpet in the storage room behind the stage. He added that Chad Sutej installed new gutters on the front porch; Chris Owen repainted the inside of the front door and the plywood cupboards in the snack room and Ted Schoenen oversaw the rewiring of the lights at the front of the stage, so they can be turned off when the projector screen is in use.


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