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Letter: Prayers for Pepe & a question


October 16, 2019

To the Editor, to Pepe! (Bob LeDeau)

All of our prayers are with you.

I am writing today about smoking and vaping!

Been a smoker since I was 13 and I’m 65 now! Tried every method possible to quit with no success, longest I’ve ever made it was three months!

Three years ago, a friend brought me an E-cigarette and charger and said try this! I tried it for about 36 hours and my LUNGS really reacted. My lungs got a heavy gurgling sounds, the sound you get when you have PNEUMONIA! So, I stopped immediately! Went back to my cigarettes! Never tried it again.

Now on the news, its about how bad vaping is, even to young people! So, my question is, you banned cigarettes off TV for good reason, so why are there so many commercials about vaping? Somebody tell me why?

Ellie Schouten

Lincoln, Mont.


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