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By Roger Dey

Beware scam calls using spoofed BVD phone numbe


October 23, 2019

A Blackfoot Valley Dispatch subscriber told the BVD Monday that they had received a call from our phone number requesting payment for a subscription. The caller claimed the subscription had expired and requested payment information.

The call did not originate from the BVD; instead the call came from a scammer who spoofed our phone number.

The BVD will not call subscribers requesting payment information. Instead, we send out reminder cards for subscription renewals. If you’re uncertain about your subscription’s expiration date, check the address label on your copy of the BVD. The expiration date is on the top left corner of the address label, above your name.

If you receive a call from the BVD number requesting a subscription payment, do not provide any personal or financial information such as bank account or credit card numbers.

If have a question about a call from the BVD, or if you’re uncertain about the authenticity of a call from our phone number, hang up and call the BVD number back directly. Spoofed calls generally originate using Voice-over-Internet-Protocol or VoIP technology. Some VoIP providers allow users to designate the caller ID number that is displayed on phone calls. Calling the number back won't reconnect you with the person spoofing it. You can also email us at [email protected] or at [email protected]

If you’d like to report an attempted scam, call the Office of Consumer Protections at the Montana Department of Justice at (800) 481-6896 or (406) 444-4500. You can also the visit OCP homepage at, or call the Sheriff’s office non-emergency number at 447-8235.


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