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State Motor Vehicle Division Announces Changes in Response to COVID-19

State Motor Vehicle Division Announces Changes in Response to COVID-19

HELENA – Attorney General Tim Fox and Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) Administrator Sarah Garcia announced changes and issued an important reminder for Montana’s drivers and vehicle owners today.

Fox working with governor’s office to extend driver license expiration dates

For all driver licenses due to expire in March, April, or May of 2020, Fox and his staff are working with the governor’s office on the possibility of an executive order extending the renewal deadline by 90 days. The goal is to limit the need for visits to MVD stations during the COVID-19 outbreak. (Note that an extension of Montana’s deadline may not necessarily prevent a person from being cited by a law enforcement agency in another state.)

Reminder: vehicle registrations can be renewed online

It is not necessary to renew vehicle registrations in-person at a county treasurer’s office. Vehicle registrations can be renewed by mail and at A vehicle registration’s grace period expires at the end of the month as shown on your license plate tab. If a customer renews online, they may do so up to one month after the date shown on their tab.

Driving tests suspended for the next 30 days

In order to implement social distancing, effective 3/18/2020, all Class D (non-commercial) driving tests will be suspended for 30 days. Because driving tests require people to share a confined space for an extended period, they increase the risk of COVID-19 spread. MVD will reassess the suspension in mid-April and determine if testing can resume on a full or limited basis.

Customers in our driver license station waiting areas will be limited

Waiting areas, especially in many of the more rural MVD stations, can also increase the risk of COVID-19 spread. Effective 3/18/2020, MVD is limiting the number of people in each waiting area in order to help address social distancing concerns. Customers who enter a full waiting area can give their phone number to the staff and ask to be called when it is their turn for service.

Helena driver license office moving temporarily

Because MVD’s driver license station in Helena is located at AAA and AAA is closing to the public temporarily due to COVID-19, MVD is moving its driver license office to the Scott Hart Building at 302 N Roberts St.

“These changes and reminders are aimed at limiting public congregation and interaction while still allowing for the provision of important services,” Attorney General Fox said. “COVID-19 is changing how we go about our day-to-day lives, and it requires all of us to make adjustments. The important thing is that we work together as Montanans and help each other as family, friends, and neighbors.”

“We will continue to evaluate our driver, vehicle, and business services and determine how we can limit unnecessary public interactions, protect our employees, while still providing the services that Montanans rely on,” said MVD Administrator Garcia. “The COVID-19 situation is fluid, changing daily and so our response will adapt as necessary.”


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