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Hey Howdy Hey

Sewer District staff

Sending out a big Hey Howdy Hey of thanks to Roger Brandenburger, Mike Nordahl, and Jeanette Nordahl, who are all members of the Lincoln Sewer District.

Wastewater treatment operators Roger and Mike are on call 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

They take care of two main pump stations and four lesser stations, plus all the little pump stations around town. They also maintain four manhole stations around town. They pump up to three sewer lagoons. One holds 13 million gallons and the other two hold 10 million gallons each.

They have a dumpsite on property where they take the solid waste out into a field and disc it into the ground. They use the gray water for irrigation purposes.

Roger had said that Jeanette Nordahl, who is the secretary, plays a very important role in doing all the billing, also in the writing of grants.

This is just another one of the things that you need to keep this wonderful little town we all call home, running smoothly.

So, I want to thank Roger, Mike and Jeanette for all that they do.

Thank you

God Bless


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