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PureView encouraging telehealth visits during coronavirus pandemic

Parker Medical Clinic is still seeing patients and has adapted the clinic to ensure everyone's safety in light of COVID-19 concerns.

"Our staff is there," said Jill-Marie Steeley, Executive Director of Pureview Health Center. "We've separated the clinic into two spaces so that we can keep patients and staff safe."

The Clinic is screening all patients either by phone or at that front door. Patients with any symptoms in line with COVID-19 are taken into the building through a separate entrance and into an exam room specific to COVID-19 symptoms and testing.

"We are asking that patients call in ahead of time so that we can do the screening on the phone," Steeley said. Patients are then asked to wait in their cars, to limit contact. "We don't want too many people sitting in the waiting room together."

One of the big changes, Steeley said, is that patients are encouraged to utilize telehealth visits for both behavioral and medical health, especially if they're not comfortable or able to come in. "They shouldn't be afraid to continue to use health care as they normally would," said Steeley, "but if we can see and help them over telehealth, we would prefer to do that. We just want people to know if they need to be seen, we can still see them."

Steeley added that sheltering-in-place is the best thing, especially for anyone over the age of 60 who might have a chronic disease or a health issue that might cause a suppressed immune system. "These are the people we really want to help over a telehealth visit. It gives the provider a chance to assess them."

Steeley emphasized the importance of following CDC recommendations of physical distancing. "Call people on the phone. Try not to go visit someone. Wear a mask if there's any symptoms at all, like coughing. Don't go, for sure, if there's a temperature over 100.4."


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