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Meal match challenge designed to help feed those in need

Local restaurants and Action Realty are teaming up to support groups in Lincoln throughout the month of April.

Every Thursday, Action Realty is donating $1 for each meal order placed at Lincoln restaurants providing curbside or take-out service. This includes The Montanan Steakhouse, which is serving Thursdays-Sundays, and The Pit Stop and The Wheel Inn, which are serving starting at 11 a.m. seven days a week.

Becky Garland said she thought up the idea while on a walk. “You know in these kinds of situations you always think about what you can do for your community. So, I wanted to make sure there was enough money in the food bank because there were some people cooking for folks in Lincoln, and if people needed meals, I just wanted to make sure there was a little extra money there.”

Each Thursday at the end of the day, the restaurants count up all orders placed that day. Garland said, “It’s not each meal, it’s each order.” This means an order for a one person counts the same as an order for a family. Garland said she selected Thursday because all three restaurants are open.

This past week, the three restaurants served 91 orders, and Garland is encouraging people to match her donation. “I will write a check to the Power House. And if anyone wants to match that $91 I’m sending to the Power House, they can write a check to the Power House. If people want to match this week or last week or both, they can really give whatever they want to give. They don’t have to match my $91, but they can. This is me challenging folks, but if they can’t afford it and still want to give, do what you can.”

Garland said this week she plans to donate the money to the Rocky Mountain Development Council, which is the parent organization for the Lincoln Senior Center. “There are some seniors that struggle with their meal tickets,” said Garland, “so this week I want to do the same thing for the Senior Center.”

Anyone interested in matching Garland’s donation is encouraged to contact her by phone or text at (406) 431-0325 to let her know, to help measure the total donations over the month of April.


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