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Egg-stra Thank You


April 15, 2020

Roger Dey

I'd like to take a few moments and thank several people and organizations who helped make this Easter a special one for our kids in Lincoln.

First, to Lincoln Fire and Rescue and the Power House for supplying candy, trinkets and eggs to fill egg packs that were distributed to more than 60 kids in the community this past Friday, and to Zach Muse and Rick & Patty Freeland for going into town and purchasing all those supplies.

I'd like to thank Laura Butler and Linda Daugherty for their time and social-distancing comradery while filling the eggs with candy. It's a small world and they actually talked about where they grew up and people they have in common with one another!

I'd also like to thank Danielle Barnett for helping to distribute egg packs at the Community Hall and to Jim Oly who made special egg pack deliveries to some families he knows.

Thank you to Akaiah, Elijah, Isiah and Anna Elise Valler for being our first set of Easter elves and hiding bags and eggs in the Sculpture Park for kids to find.

After a little mishap and some overindulging by some individuals, Jennifer Wiederhold reached out to see how she could help and purchased another round of candy and along with the help or her son, Joey, and sister Sarah Morris, they filled an additional 300 eggs and Easter elves Sarah and Joey hid them late Saturday night for kids to find on Easter Sunday.

Thanks to all the families who came and got eggs for their kids and had hunts on their own, and to those who helped spread the word privately on Sunday to other community families to search for eggs in the Sculpture Park.

Lastly, and definitely not least, another thank you to the Lincoln first responder crews for getting the Easter Bunny out and about in a parade that was loved by all who witnessed it!

It was a wonderful group effort by so many and it makes me even more grateful to live in this little place we all call home!

Hugs and thanks!



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