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By Roger Dey
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Jansons Enterprises provides small engine repair for wide range of equipment, vehicles


August 6, 2020

Roger Dey

Kyle Greenwood leans against a John Deere 6x6 he was working on July 25.

As a child, Kyle Greenwood would watch his father Jim pull lawnmowers out of the trash, repair them and sell them.

Jim gave that sideline up for a few years, but around ten years ago, when Kyle was about 16 he took an interest in fixing things, so Jim started recovering lawnmowers again.

"We stated fixing them and selling them," Kyle said. "Made a lot of money that way. At least when you're 16, it seemed like a lot of money."

From push mowers, Kyle moved on to riding mowers and chainsaws.

Kyle now is the main mechanic at Jansons Enterprises, a small engine repairs service that's been in business in Lincoln for the last two years, after operating for several "hectic" years in Pennsylvania.

For the most part Kyle, who has been legally blind since birth, is largely self-taught, though he did go to tech school when he was in high school.

Jim's father (also named Jim) had lived in Lincoln from 1992 until his death several years ago. The younger Jim brought his family out to his fathers adopted home town in 2018. He now works for the state of Montana and helps Kyle out on weekends and as time permits.

Kyle admitted their repair business here, which is currently run out of the garage at the Greenwood home on Tamarack Lane, got off to a slow start.

"But most people started finding us tucked back here," he said, "A place in town would probably help."

Kyle said he repairs everything from weed eaters and log splitters to pressure washers to four wheelers and side-by-sides. He said there's a long list of what he can repair, and he expects to expand into snowmobiles as well.

"We have fixed them," he said. "You can't be too picky and choosy about the work you get in Lincoln. We eventually want to do it all, hopefully maybe have a place in town."

Jim said there are some repairs they can turn around in a day , but most repairs take about a week, depending on how busy they are and how difficult it is to get parts. Kyle said their biggest challenge has been getting parts, but they're trying to speed that process up.

Roger Dey

Right now they work with Chad Sutej and Lincoln Stage to get parts from Helena, but he has to do some ordering online.

"Chad's a great help, but Napa doesn't sell everything for a lawnmower," Kyle said. "I'm trying to maybe work directly with Husqvarna or Jonsrud or Briggs and Stratton here soon."

He said they just want people to know about the business and that they're here to help.

"Hopefully it saves people a lot of travel, not taking things into town," Jim said.

If you're wondering why a couple guys named Greenwood have a business called Jansons, Kyle explained it isn't a great mystery. It's simply a portmanteau of Jim and Sons.

"That's about as creative as we get around here," he joked.


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