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Correction: Mail-in ballots

Last week’s story in our print edition regarding the county’s mail-in voting decision included an indirect quote from Lincoln Post Master

Zach Muse regarding ballot postmarks that was inaccurate.

During the Government Day meeting Muse urged people to mail their ballots in by Oct. 31 at the latest.

In explaining the time it takes for a ballot to go through the U.S. Mail, he made a comment that sounded like “it’s not postmarked.” Although

it sounded like a clear statement, we should have confirmed with him that what we heard was accurate.

In fact, Muse meant it’s not postmarks elections officials are concerned with, as long as ballots arrive before the polls close Nov. 3.

He noted that people in Lincoln who haven’t gotten their ballots into the mail in time will have to take them to the elections office personally

before the polls close Nov. 3 to ensure they’re counted. Ballots that are hand-delivered by voters won’t be postmarked.

Muse has confirmed that all ballots sent through the postal system will indeed be postmarked.

After receiving word from Muse about the error, we immediately removed the comment from the version of the story we posted online, and added a brief explanation about the change from our print story.

We apologize for reporting the statement inaccurately, given the importance and controversy surrounding the issue.


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