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Lincoln Schools Question of the week

What is your favorite thing about being back in school?

"Playing with my friends."

-Emmet Perez, Pre-K

Her favorite things about school are Math class, snack time, and hanging out with friends.

-Shannon Murray, Kindergarten

"I like being here because they have good food."

-Jase Fallis, 2nd Grade

"My favorite thing about being back in school is we are finally doing times because at the beginning of the school year I didn't know times but I'm glad I know times now."

-Tristan Tronstad,

3rd Grade

"To see my friends."

-Jax Meeks, 4th Grade

"My Favorite thing of being back in school is seeing my friends and actually being in the school building."

-Azreal Paull, 5th Grade

"I like being back at school because I get to see my friends in person, it is easier to do school work, and it's just fun. I really don't like the mask thing but we do get mask breaks so it makes it a lot easier. I love being back at school and I hope that the Covid-19 gets over soon so we can go back to normal."

-Jordyn Zarske, 6th Grade

"I like being back in sports."

-Roegun Dietz, 7th grade

"My favorite thing about being back to school as a student, is that I can physically be here to learn and be with my classmates. Though we have to socially distance ourselves from each other due to Governor Bullock's restrictions to stay safe with Coronavirus, just physically being here with other people is vastly better than having to sit on a Zoom call with them instead. Also, I have learned and retained more knowledge in these few weeks of school than the entire time I spent online. Being here has the benefit of having more one-on-one learning opportunities with teachers in the classroom. Assignments posted on a google classroom stream are very vague and I had difficulties trying to figure out what the assignment is mainly about, but with being at school, the descriptions are more in depth and I fully understand most of everything given to me. I entirely understand why people would stay home due to risks of coronavirus or getting sick themselves. I fully recommend if any of these apply to anyone in school they may want to strongly consider switching to online school, but the school takes Coronavirus deeply seriously and masks and temperature checks are absolutely necessary in order to keep the outbreak under control. For a small school in Lincoln, Montana I am surprised how well we handled the situation. Due to those reasons, I feel safer to go back to school, and am genuinely glad that I can come back as an 8th grader for the 2020-2021 school year.

-Andrea Weisner,

8th Grade

"It gives me something to do."

-Jessica Zarske, 10th Grade


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