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Lincoln Schools Superintendent Report

Lincoln's school year has begun with a bang.

We have nineteen new students enrolled in Kindergarten through 12th grade this year, with ten preschoolers.

I believe the increase in enrollment has much to do with the fact that we are having school in-person. We are lucky that we can social distance in the classrooms and at lunch. We even have the recesses divided to keep the grades apart.

The students are champions at following the CDC guidelines of hand washing and sanitizing habits, as well as wearing the masks.

The school board and administration has decided to have all students attend in class unless they have medical documentation stating that it would be beneficial for them not to attend in person. This decision was influenced by the statistics showing the success rate of students when in school as opposed to online learning. It is our job to do what is best for the students and their academic success.

I have heard many students share their elation at being back in school and it makes my heart sing. We are all looking forward to being able to continue in class, but we are ready if the governor decides all schools must go online, or if we have cases of COVID-19 in the school causing us to close for a period of time.

This is such a unique time in our lives and in education. I appreciate the support we have gotten from the community during this time, as we always get. Thank you!


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