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Lincoln Schools Question of the Week

Of all the things you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult?

"I think the ABC’s."

– Emma Dey, Pre-K

"Eating lunch."

– Anthony Reed, Kindergarten

"You need to know your mom’s phone number because if you’re alone and you need your mom, then you could call her."

-Stella Davis. 1st Grade

“Of all the things I have learned, what I think that is useful when I am an adult is Reeders notebook. Because it teaches me spelling”

-Ryan Perez, 2nd Grade

“When I am an adult I think science will the useful because I can use science to help men invent stuff and math will help me invent, too. When I am an adult I make a time machine and to back in time to the present time and math and science and inventing will help me do that. ”

-Jack Logson, 3rd Grade

“Reading will help me talk and read stories.”

-Ashaya Anderson-Torrez, 4th Grade

“Of all the things I am learning I think the most important thing I am learning is math so if I get a job that involves counting money I can count it easier.”

-Claire Gilbert, 5th Grade

“Out of all the things I'm learning, I think percentages will be most helpful. I will explain the reason why. I think percentages can be used in many different situations.  I’ve always wanted to start a business and to do that, and you need to know percentages. Sure, you can use a computer, but what if you need to know one on the spot, and you don't have a computer, then what do you do? You also need to know percentages in other jobs, like a teacher, construction worker, and a scientist. Those are only a few. There are a few jobs that don't require percentages, but you might not want that job. They may not be the funniest to learn, but they are one of the most important.”

-Ashaya Blythe, 6th Grade

“Teamwork in football.”

-Kayden Tybo, 7th grade

“Learning to write letters and essays is the most important skill we are learning in school.  Knowing how to write essays well will help us in the future. Essay writing  will help us get better grades because having proper English in our writing is an essential skill students need to have before college.One day we will be professionals and need to write maturely and in a professional manner. Learning to properly write an essay and letter will help students get accepted into colleges. In conclusion, knowing how to write well is very useful for us and our future."

-Paige Gilbert, 8th Grade

“English and Tech."

- Wesson Dempster, 9th Grade

“How to read and write."

- Hayden Dempster, 10th Grade

“Context clues."

- Jenna Templeton, 11th Grade

“How to read."

- Brodi Henderson, 12th Grade


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