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Lincoln School Board votes to extend school closure, distance learning

Following an emergency meeting, Wednesday evening, Nov 25, the Lincoln School Board voted to continue distance learning and extend the school's closure a through the end of the year.

In person classes are currently slated to resume Jan. 4.

The move comes as COVID-19 cases within the community continue to increase and as several families with school-aged children have quarantined due to possible exposure to the virus.

Lincoln School Board President Aaron Birkholz estimated up to a quarter of the schools students could potentially be out of school due to quarantines. Superintendent Jennifer Packer also noted in-person attendance could be impacted by parents choosing to keep their kids out of school due to the potential for exposure to the virus.

During the meeting, staff members expressed their concerns about the impact distance learning and screen time is having on their students, but generally supported the move as the best option to protect students, staff and families during the ongoing surge in cases.

Details on how best to move forward during the school shutdown are still being worked out. It will have an impact on the Christmas concert slated for December, which may be performed virtually, online. It may also affect the upcoming basketball season that starts in early January.

Packer said they will look at how other schools have dealt with recent closures and at studies that have been conducted in the last year in an effort to improve the distance learning experience for the students.


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