Lincoln School Question of the Week: What is your New Year's Resolution?


Last updated 1/20/2021 at 4:52pm

"Learn my alphabet." - Ridge Bullis, Pre -K

" To watch less T V." - Emmitt Anderson, Kindergarten

"I want to go sledding when it is not dangerous because it is fun. I want to play more with my grandma's dog Georgie." - Allison Leland, 1st grade

"M ine is to get all the books labeled in our classroom." - Kynleigh Dietz, 2nd grade

"My New Year 's resolution is I want to get better grades in school and ride my dir t bike better. The other thing is, I want to ride my snowmobile better." - Ty Feeback , 3rd grade

"I want to be better at basketball by prac ticing layups." -Jax Meeks, 4th grade

" This New Year, I want to do more with friends in person, like play more games or speak to ever yone more. This year something I want to do for myself is to tr y more things or foods like sushi or clams. I would also like to learn more about different k inds of math." - Claire Gilbert, 5th grade

" This year's resolution is to do better in spor ts and also to wake ever y day and find something good that I can do throughout the day. Doing better in spor ts will provide me with something to work on and also have fun with friends throughout the season. Wak ing up and finding something good to do is a way to keep people happy while tr ying not to upset others. Another goal I have is playing my hardest and not giving up in spor ts. This will not only help my team, but it will also better my sk ills and help our team do better in competition. Spor ts are a giant par t of my life and without spor ts I would be stuck at home playing video games all day. I think that this year will go better than last year, and COVID - 19 hopefully will be gone by the end of this year." - Andrew Brown, 8th grade


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