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Temporary Weight limits in effect on Lincoln Streets


March 18, 2021

Helena – Temporary weight restrictions will go into effect on certain County roads March 8. As frozen ground thaws, base gravel in the roadbed becomes saturated, causing surface break up and premature failure. In these conditions, fully loaded vehicles can cause severe road damage.

The load limits for all restrictions are seven tons for single axles, 14 tons for tandem axles, or 350 pounds per inch width of tire.

Temporary restrictions are in place for the following roads in the Lincoln Area:

• B Street (At Stemple Pass Rd.)

• C Street (At Stemple Pass Rd.)

• D Street (At Stemple Pass Rd.)

• 1st Ave. South (South of Highway 200)

• 6th Ave. (North and South of Highway 200)

• 7th Ave. (South of Highway 200)

• 8th Ave. (North and South of Highway 200)

• 9th Ave. (At Highway 200)

• Spring Creek Ln. (Highway 200 to end of asphalt)

• Sleepy Hollow Ln. (North of Highway 200)

• Sucker Creek Rd. (Highway 200 to end of asphalt)


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