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Letter: Ivermectin

To the Editor:

It has been known since early in the COVID-19 pandemic that Ivermectin can ameliorate the disease, shorten the course and reduce deaths. If, as in other countries, it had been allowed as a preventative prior to vaccine availability, more than 100,000 US lives could have been saved.

Ivermectin is not a cure but its way ahead of whatever is in second place. In my opinion, the authorit...


Reader Comments(1)

CptSRSmc69 writes:

Many thanks to Cpt. Snider, MD for your important statement. Thank you for your service & sacrifice during the Tet Offensive. Hear the Ivermectin Experts give testimony before the Senate Homeland Security Committee: Dr. MBrooks, MPhD Forensic Consultants, LLC Wolf Creek, MT

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