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Roger Dey

Three turkey vultures perch in a cottonwood tree Friday morning, Sept. 3

A dead deer near the bridge had drew severalTurkey vultures to the area just north of the Blackfoot River near the Stemple Pass Road Bridge. A quick count revealed at least 15 vultures in a pair of cottonwoods, across the road from the deer carcass, with more perched in the trees to the south of the river. Turkey Vultures are a common sight in the skies around Lincoln and are easily identifiable by their two toned brown and gray wings while soaring.

Roger Dey

A turkey vulture is joined by a magpie as it spreads its wings to dry them in the morning sun Friday morning, Sept. 3

In a nod to their relationship with dead things, a group of vultures feeding on a carcass is called a wake. Those in flight, however, are called a kettle. Perched in trees they are called, variously, a venue, volt or a committee.


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