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Last updated 6/28/2022 at 11:18am

Level 1

Walt & Norine Joyce - In Honor/Memory of Hill Military Men

Dave & Dee Brandow -In Honor/Memory of and dedicated to Leon Vandermark

Toni Zadick - In Memory of Bob Zadick

Reggi & Rodney - In Honor/Memory of Jerry Oswald

Nyle & Susan Howsmon - Dedicated to U.S. Military Veterans and their families

Karen Hooker - In Honor/Memory of Greg Durette

Donation from Ann Strizich

Level 2

Ken & Virginia Quimby - In Honor/Memory of Lonny Cox

Lloyd Brown - In Honor/Memory of Grant Brown

Dena Oswald - In Honor/Memory of Jerry Oswald and dedicated to family & friends

Jill Frisbee - In Honor/Memory of Bill Frisbee

Ethel Sutej - In Honor/Memory of Chuck Sutej

Donations from Jim Devlin, Bob & Karen Frank-Plumlee, Chris Castagne, Rebecca Fink, Tom & Jeannie LaBelle

Level 3

Brent & Carla Anderson - In Honor/Memory of Gary Ennen and dedicated to Camren McDonough

Linctel Communications - Dedicated to all those that have served and are serving.

Lonnie McAllister Rental - In Honor/Memory of Dan Lerum

Level 4

Steve & Terri Wilmot - In Honor/Memory of Nana, Papa, Connie, Wilmot, Nicki, Salzsieder

Ede Baker - In Honor/Memory of Stewart Baker

Grizzly Hardware - In Honor/Memory of Jerry Foley


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