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Celebrate the Fourth of July on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest!

HELENA, Mont., June 28, 2022 - With over 2.8 million acres to explore and more than 30 developed campgrounds to choose from, the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest is a great place to celebrate Fourth of July. Before you head out, here are a few reminders:

Campgrounds and Cabins: The Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest offers dozens of developed campgrounds for visitors to enjoy. Visit: for a list of campgrounds and cabins. Our developed campgrounds are on a first–come, first–serve basis, but our cabins are reservable up to six months in advance. Visit or call 1-­877-444-6777 to reserve a cabin.

Finding Your Way Around: Consider downloading the "Visitor Map" app for Apple and Android devices to discover more information about local trails, roads and recreational sites to explore or visit: to explore everything from where you can ride an Off Highway Vehicle to new trail to hike.

Local Information: Your local Forest Service office is your best source of information for the latest updates on conditions and recreation opportunities on the National Forest. Helpful staff at our district offices can provide information on local forest conditions, recommend the best place to take your family camping, and sell you visitor maps to help you make the most of your adventure to the forest. Please visit: for location, contact information, and regular business hours for an office near you. Our offices will be closed on Monday, July 4 and normal business hours will resume on Tuesday, July 5.

No Fireworks on National Forests: Fireworks are always prohibited on national forests, regardless of weather or conditions. Violators can be subject to a $5,000 fine and/or up to six months in jail (36 CFR 261.52). Anyone who starts a wildfire can be held liable for suppression costs.

Fire Restrictions: Although there are no current fire restrictions on the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest as of June 28, please check to see if campfires are allowed at the site you are visiting before you head out. If fires are allowed, keep them small and select sites away from flammable material. Ensure fire is out before you leave by dousing it with water and making sure it is cold to the touch.

Motorized Equipment and Vehicle Safety: If you are towing equipment or a trailer, make sure tow chains aren't dragging where they can strike pavement or rocks, which can cause sparks. If you smoke, find a vegetation-free area or stay inside your car – and never toss lit cigarettes from your vehicle. Park on vegetation-free surfaces – the hot undercarriage of your car can set dry grass on fire. Bring a fire extinguisher or several gallons of water when travelling in remote areas. Before using motorized equipment, such as chainsaws, dirt-bikes or off-road vehicles, where allowed test spark arrestors to ensure they are working. Remember that in an emergency, first responders and their vehicles will need immediate access – do not block forest roads.

Food Storage Orders: Food storage orders are in effect across the Forest to help mitigate bear-human conflict. Visit: to review the two food storage orders and familiarize yourself with how to store food securely in bear country.

Thank you for helping keep the Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest a welcoming and safe place for all to enjoy! Follow us on Facebook @HLCNF and Twitter @LewisandClarkNF and visit our website: for the latest updates.


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