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Lincoln Putt Putt appreciates the Lincoln Community

The 16th Annual Lincoln Putt Putt wants to extend its extreme appreciation to the Lincoln Community, businesses, volunteers and all those who help make this annual fundraiser such a huge success each year.

Once again many Lincoln Businesses joined together with me , Bonnie Christian, our main volunteer crew, including Lisa Reynolds, Christa Horner, April Erickson, Mary Lloyd, Ellie Schouten, Sue Anderson, Diane Ironie, and so many others who step up to pull off this AMAZING community fundraiser

"The Putt Putt," in its 16th year, accommodated 97 teams of truly supportive people, coming from all over the state of Montana to enjoy and help make this a very prosperous, fun-filled weekend in Lincoln. Year after year, groups of people that come from all over to enjoy the weekend totally amaze me. They come and have fun, respect the rules and enjoy our hospitality. They also participate in Putt Putt by participating in the silent action. I cannot thank you enough for your participation and support of our community. It is because of all of you that allows us to continue with this event.

With business closures and changes I have had to improvise to get our 18 holes set up. I'd like to extend an extra big thank you to Justin McDonough of Donut's Tire, and Chad & Olivia Dietz of On The Rocks Liquor for setting up a great spot at their businesses. The School's Athletic group had a spot at The Power House Gym, and I want to thank Rick & Patty Freeland for all you do in support of our youth, and athletic teams, as well as the parents of those students and school staff who helped the kids during the Putt Putt.

Additionally, the Business Partners of America (BPA) students, with the help of their advisor Laura Allen, helped us set up and tear down at the Lincoln Community Hall, make auction baskets, set up auction tables and auction sheets.  

In return for the help and dedication of these students and their parents, teachers and other helpful adults, funds from the Putt Putt will help the students and organizations they belong to with funding many of their activities including camps, supplies, and other essential expenses they may need help with in the coming year.

I'd also like to thank RJ & Kat Keaster, along with their two young boys (who were the two youngest servers in the kitchen this year) and the Lincoln Little League for all of their help. They set up, served and cleaned up, and were an awesome family addition to the Putt Putt this year.

Thank you to Stevie Fehrs for all of the help getting the kids on board and helping to keep them in line throughout the event.

When I say it is a Community Project, I truly mean it. If we didn't all do our part and work together, there is no way that we could pull this off. Thank you to everyone that helps and for the many auction items donated to the silent auction.

This annual event has grown to be a favorite for many as it has proven over the years. It's a great way to help launch our businesses into spring after long uneventful winters. It's the time when we see bars, restaurants, motels & VRBOs's all filled for the weekend..

This year we have earmarked funds for our biggest donation to the Lincoln Ambulance, we have donated $45,000 + to the ambulance in 16 years. Other organizations who have received funds from this event include the Lincoln Volunteer Fire Department, the Lincoln Senior Center, the Historic Lincoln Community Hall, Lincoln Student Athletics, Lincoln Public School's Junior High Basketball, the Lincoln Public School's BPA program, the Lincoln Little League and Hooper Park. We are happy to say that funds raised stay in the Lincoln and surrounding areas!

We will be announcing a meeting for next year's Putt Putt, and we are always looking for volunteers. We need many to help with this event to continue making it successful and raising funds for our local community. Please watch for the announcement and consider helping us out!

Thank you again to everyone - I appreciate every one of you who help make this event possible.

Bonnie Christian


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