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Tales and Trails: The color of magpies

Some of the hardest questions to answer start with why. Why will fish bite one day and not the next, or even stop biting when they were having a feeding frenzy a minute ago? Why... — Updated 2/11/2020


Montana Tales & Trails: For some, Elk Hunting is like religion

Bless me father for I have sinned. My last elk hunt was several years ago. In Montana, elk hunting is akin to religion. You don't have to be a true believer, but a day spent chasing... — Updated 12/4/2019

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Tales and Trails: The Strange Power of Antlers

What is it about shed antlers that annually turns grownups into raving lunatics? Apparently, there is a lure, a special power that emanates from shed antlers: those racks of bone that each spring and early summer grow on the heads... — Updated 6/5/2019


Tales and Trails: Get out the Fishing Gear

Montana's rivers are running high, wide and muddy right now and things typically won't improve much for maybe two months. That all depends on rainfall and snowmelt. A cool, wet... — Updated 5/15/2019


Tales and Trails: Fly-tying for the aged

Several years ago, an old man, who I really didn't know, died and his wife gave me a grocery bag full of his fly-tying material. And for a long time, it sat untouched in the corner... — Updated 4/17/2019


When winter ends

Winter will end. Trust me. But what will we see when all that white stuff disappears? A landscape green from melting snow littered with dead deer? Probably not. Yes, February was br... — Updated 3/6/2019


Tales & Trails: An essay on a bird feeder

It seems to take a while after sunrise now for birds to gather at the bird feeder by the kitchen window. On winter mornings like those recently, when the temperature struggled to... — Updated 12/27/2018


The Magic of Birds

If this Universe has a Creator, she must have been having a good day when she created birds. They are colorful and dull, helpful and ruinous. They eat bird seed, harmful insects, even our garbage. They will also ruin your clean... — Updated 7/4/2018


Montana Tales & Trails

You don't have to be an ancient mariner to see we have plenty of water around us. People are filling sandbags, checking flood insurance policies or waiting for fields to dry up so... — Updated 6/6/2018


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