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  • Op-Ed: Congress considers legislation that would support local news organizations

    Dean Ridings, CEO, Americas Newspapers|Updated Aug 5, 2020

    In the past five months, Congress has responded to the coronavirus public health crisis with several emergency relief measures, including the stimulus checks sent to individuals and households, payroll protections to small businesses, expanded unemployment payments, fee waivers for borrowing against 401(K) plans and more. Now, Congress will get the opportunity to pass a relief measure that protects your access to trustworthy local news, helps grow local businesses through ads...

  • On this Independence Day, recalling the Founders' views of a free press

    Dean Ridings, CEO, Americas Newspapers|Updated Jun 30, 2020

    America's Founders regarded a free press as so vital to the new nation that they took care to include that right in the First Amendment to the Constitution. Founders spoke glowingly about the press as a pillar of democracy and guarantor of liberty. Thomas Jefferson, for instance, famously wrote in 1787 that "were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the...

  • Op-Ed: Separating fact from fiction

    Dean Ridings, CEO - Americas Newspapers|Updated Jun 24, 2020

    Fake news. Those two words have likely created more confusion and distrust of the news media than any other. While it is easy to understand why those of us who work in the news media despise the term, it should also be apparent that the general public has a vested interest in discerning facts from falsehoods. Some of the louder news voices of the past few decades have been the cable news networks that provide news, analysis and opinion. But the opinion side now dominates on...

  • Why Congress needs to support your local news sources in this crisis

    Dean Ridings, CEO Americas Newspapers|Updated Apr 28, 2020

    During this coronavirus pandemic, access to accurate and trustworthy information in your community is as critical to life under quarantine and as sought after as hand sanitizer and face masks. Your local newspaper provides the news and information unique to your community. Where are the testing sites and who's eligible, which businesses are open, what is the local online unemployment benefit application process, and much more. But your access to local news and information is...