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  • What you should know about property tax appraisals

    Sen. Greg Hertz - R, Montana Senate|Updated Jun 28, 2023

    Property tax appraisals are currently arriving in the mail. It’s important to review the valuation and appeal it if you do not agree with the valuation. The appeal instructions are in the letter that was mailed to you. You only have 30 days, so do not wait. If the value of your property increased by 30 percent that does not mean your taxes will increase by 30 percent. However, generally if the value of your property increased, most likely your taxes will be increasing. Property tax calculations are complex and understood b...

  • Lowering taxes in Montana

    Sen. Greg Hertz, Montana Senate Taxation Committee Chair|Updated Apr 3, 2023

    The 2023 Montana legislature began its legislative session with an unprecedented surplus, mainly due to the over-collection of state taxes from Montana taxpayers. Since this is ultimately taxpayers' money, I - along with other conservatives in the legislature - were determined to return money to Montana taxpayers and to reduce your taxes in the future. Tax relief has long been an objective of mine, like in the 2021 session when I passed a bill that effectively moved Montana's...

  • Guest opinion: We need more housing

    Sen. Greg Hertz - R, Polson|Updated Feb 24, 2022

    Montana has been discovered. We were the second-fastest-growing state in the country last year. Our rapidly increasing population presents many challenges and opportunities, and it's also driving a lot of unease among many of us who've lived here for a long time. Whether you love it or hate it, that growth looks like it's going to keep happening for a while. We need to deal with that reality and reform many policies very quickly to respond to it, especially when it comes to...

  • Op-Ed: Biden's Corporate tax hikes will affect working class

    Sen. Greg Hertz - R, Montana SD6, Polson|Updated Oct 6, 2021

    (Sept. 29) This month, U.S. Senators began the markup of Democrats' $3.5 trillion budget resolution package. This rubber-meets-road moment seems to have given pause to some in their party whose votes will be needed to get a bill through Congress and across the President's desk. Among them is Montana's Senator Jon Tester. The President and the progressive left members of Congress have proposed financing the Administration's marquee spending bill largely by raising the U.S....

  • Op-Ed: Governor Bullock Has Spoken

    Greg Hertz, Montana Speaker of the House|Updated Aug 26, 2020

    Governor Bullock has issued another edict. This time, it's taking away your right to choose how you vote in the November general election. While I didn't publicly oppose an all-mail ballot for the June primary election, it was a different time – we were still evaluating the coronavirus and its effect on Montana. Today, doctors have improved treatment and thousands of businesses across Montana have been able to operate by taking precautions to keep their customers safe. S... Full story

  • Op/Ed: Speaker looks back at legislative session

    Greg Hertz, Speaker of the House - HD-11|Updated Apr 30, 2019

    Speaker of the House Greg Hertz (R-HD 12, The 66th legislative session has come to an end. As Speaker of the House, it was my goal to uphold the integrity of the House. As a leader in my caucus it was my goal to foster unity not conformity. We can be united behind the primary ideals of our party without losing individuality. It has been an honor to be selected by my peers to fill this roll. In looking at our accomplishments this session, several positive actions stand out....

  • Who's managing Montana's budget?

    Greg Hertz, HD 12-Polson|Updated May 9, 2018

    Governor Bullock and his surrogates, most recently Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney, have been pushing the narrative that Republicans are the ones to blame for Montana’s short-term budget problems. The Montana Legislature has only one constitutional requirement and that is to establish a balanced budget. It first starts with estimating revenue for the next budget cycle. The legislative staff works with the Governor’s budget office and spends many hours working to establish a re...