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  • Why You Should Grind Your Own Coffee

    Tiana Valler, Vallers Coffee|Updated Jun 30, 2021

    Why You Should Grind Your Own Coffee Fresh coffee.....What a concept! Can you imagine eating an apple that is months past the date when it was picked, and that traveled half-way across the world to get to you? Oh, wait, maybe you can. But, I digress. Coffee, locally roasted and then freshly ground right before you brew it, is an amazing revelation. Did you know that even ten minutes after grinding, coffee begins to lose its flavor? You see, grinding coffee beans reduces their...

  • Northern Rockies Blacksmiths gather in Lincoln for 'hammer in'

    Jason and Tiana Valler|Updated Jun 9, 2021

    “When you have a hammer, everything is a nail. When you have a blacksmith, everything is anything you want it to be” It seems today that the word “blacksmith,” most often calls to mind the image of the farrier shaping shoes for horses. While it is true that a farrier is a blacksmith, a blacksmith isn't necessarily a farrier. As the quote above shows, blacksmithing is much more. It is the art of forging metal using tools like a hammer, an anvil and a forge to make objects which range from tools to hooks to gates, hinges to scu...

  • Tiana's Homeschool Hint

    Tiana Valler, Lincoln|Updated Apr 22, 2020

    Let your children lead the way So, when I first started homeschool, I got to about second grade and found that I didn’t know half the stuff I was supposed to be teaching them. Math, okay, I could do that. I didn’t remember much of the history or even some of the science. How was I going to teach what I couldn’t remember? Well, it turns out that teaching someone else is a great way to solidify and bolster skills your children have already learned. So, turn it around! Have them teach you a lesson or two, or even better, let t...

  • Tiana's Homeschool Hint of the Week

    Tiana Valler, Lincoln|Updated Apr 15, 2020

    Free online resources are amazing, but just the beginning. All those great websites can eat up your time and not actually take you anywhere if you are not careful - trust me, I know! So, don't get bogged down by the flood of downloadable PDFs and lesson plans available online. And all those "educational" games should be saved for those bad days that are bound to happen. Instead, find a couple of resources that work for your child and build from there. Prioritize your kid's greatest need and then their biggest interest or pass...

  • Precious Days

    Tiana Valler, Guest columnist|Updated Apr 8, 2020

    In May of 2009, our fourth child, Isaiah, came into the world. He was born at 9 am and weighed nine pounds. He was floppy and had a cleft lip but he was perfect and beautiful in our eyes. Quietly the midwife told us she believed he had Down syndrome. We saw a doctor the next day, she said she saw no such indications. Then, when Isaiah was three days old, he kept turning a greyish blue. We went to the clinic, where they told us there was a serious problem, gave us an oxygen tank with a tiny mask and instructed us to get him... Full story

  • Free Fly-tying class At the Lincoln Library

    Tiana Valler, Lincoln Community Hall|Updated Jun 27, 2018

    Jim Bosshardt will bring his love of fly fishing to the Lincoln Library Saturday, July 7, to help celebrate the Community Hall 100 Year Anniversary. Jim is a master fly fisherman and fly tyer. He has shared his passion for fly tying with kids in the classroom and adults in the community for years. Whether you are an experienced fly fisherman or if it's just something on your bucket list, you are sure to learn something new. Come join the fun! There will be two classes; one...

  • 100-year Community Hall celebration

    Tiana Valler, Lincoln Community Hall|Updated Jun 27, 2018

    Come help us celebrate Lincoln Community Hall's 100th Anniversary on July 7th and 8th. Way back in 1918 when the Hall was constructed, having a place to come together and kick up their heels was a top priority – especially in those long, cold winters. Lincoln's beloved Hall was built with lots of volunteers, donated land, trees cut from surrounding forests then pulled out by horses in waist high snow and dances held as fund raisers. People pulling together when there is a n...

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