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 By Tiana Valler    Features    July 1, 2021

Why You Should Grind Your Own Coffee

Why You Should Grind Your Own Coffee Fresh coffee.....What a concept! Can you imagine eating an apple that is months past the date when it was...


Northern Rockies Blacksmiths gather in Lincoln for 'hammer in'

“When you have a hammer, everything is a nail. When you have a blacksmith, everything is anything you want it to be” It seems today that the word “blacksmith,” most often calls to mind the ima...


Tiana's Homeschool Hint

Let your children lead the way So, when I first started homeschool, I got to about second grade and found that I didn’t know half the stuff I was supposed to be teaching them. Math, okay, I could...


Tiana's Homeschool Hint of the Week

Free online resources are amazing, but just the beginning. All those great websites can eat up your time and not actually take you anywhere if you are not careful - trust me, I know! So, don't get bog...

 By Tiana Valler    Columns    April 8, 2020

Precious Days

In May of 2009, our fourth child, Isaiah, came into the world. He was born at 9 am and weighed nine pounds. He was floppy and had a cleft lip but he was perfect and beautiful in our eyes. Quietly the... Full story


Free Fly-tying class At the Lincoln Library

Jim Bosshardt will bring his love of fly fishing to the Lincoln Library Saturday, July 7, to help celebrate the Community Hall 100 Year Anniversary....


100-year Community Hall celebration

Come help us celebrate Lincoln Community Hall's 100th Anniversary on July 7th and 8th. Way back in 1918 when the Hall was constructed, having a place...


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