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Articles from the February 12, 2023 edition

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  • Royer earns seventh Race to the Sky 300 win

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Feb 16, 2023

    Seeley Lake’s Jessie Royer brought home her seventh 300-mile Race to the Sky win Monday, Feb. 13, crossing the finish line at the Hi Country arch at 7:40 p.m., more than an hour ahead of second-place finisher Erik Oline. A veteran musher with 31 years’ experience, Royer won her first Race to the Sky at just 17 years old in 1994, when it was a 500-mile race. Her second win came in 2015, when lack of snow in Lincoln led to the race being run out of Seeley Lake. Royer also rac...

  • Montana Considers Allowing Physician Assistants to Practice Independently

    Keely Larson, KHN-UM Legislative News Service|Updated Feb 14, 2023

    Megan Zawacki started working at St. Peter's Health in Helena, Montana, in 2020 as a physician assistant trained in treating addiction. She had gone through specialized training that allowed her to prescribe Suboxone, a medication to fight opioid addiction, but she couldn't do so for six months. That's because Zawacki was hired to work with a doctor who specialized in addiction medicine, but that doctor did not join St. Peter's until three months after Zawacki was hired, and...

  • Helena Is Undermining Grizzly Bear Conservation

    Derek Goldman, Missoula|Updated Feb 14, 2023

    The grizzly bear is a unique and vital part of Montana's wildlife heritage. Our state animal, the great bear once roamed throughout the plains of central Montana, before being extirpated from the flatlands by settlers, and relegated to the mountainous country of western Montana. Now, after decades of protection and conservation work-catalyzed and supported by its protection under the Endangered Species Act, the grizzly bear is beginning to recover in at least two out of six...

  • Helmville – A Montana Original

    Mark Spero with Rick Graetz, This is Montana Community Vitality Program|Updated Feb 14, 2023

    Ever since Europeans began settling Montana, agriculture has been the economy's life blood and number one industry. Mining for precious metals jumped started it but farming and ranching were sustainable. And although factory farms are cropping up, and companies have replaced many family ranches, there are still many communities where local ranches and farms are alive and well. One of those enclaves is Helmville, Montana, population 30 people in town and about 300 in the...

  • Legislature Looking to Give Midwives Drug Availability to Help With Patient Safety

    Caven Wade, UM Legislative News Service|Updated Feb 14, 2023

    Elizabeth Maixner had her first baby when she was 15 in a hospital. She worked with a midwife in the hospital and said especially at such a young age, she appreciated the personal support the midwife added to the experience, which gave her, and her mom, comfort during an unknown process. "She not only supported me in my pregnancy, but she also supported my mother, which was huge," Maixner said. Maixner is now a mother of three and was 30 and 33 when she had her second and third children. When it was time to decide where to...

  • Legislative Roundup - Week 6

    Caven Wade, UM Legislative News Service|Updated Feb 14, 2023

    Bill Would Update Meth Contamination Reporting A bill advancing in the House of Representatives would require that even properties where methamphetamine has been smoked or used be reported to the state and local health department and listed as inhabitable until deemed safe. The House Natural Resource Committee voted unanimously on Feb. 8 to push House Bill 381 to the full House for debate. Under current law, law enforcement officers are required to report properties where...