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Articles from the November 5, 2023 edition

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  • Costumes and candy at Lincoln's Annual Halloween Walk

    Roger Dey, BVD|Updated Nov 7, 2023

    Lincoln grade school students hit the road on Halloween to make the rounds of downtown businesses in search of treats. the halloween walk gives kids a chance to trick or treat under the watchful eyes of their teachers and parents as they visit businesses to fill their bags with candy. Halloween walks have been a tradition for Lincoln kids for decades. Although it's not clear when businesses began handing out candy, the event can be traced back to at least the late 1960s, with...

  • Obituary: Maurice "Rusty" VerHoeven

    Updated Nov 7, 2023

    Maurice Wayne "Rusty" VerHoeven, 85, born to Pete and Anne VerHoeven on Aug. 24, 1938, passed away on Oct. 31, 2023, at Benefis Hospital in Great Falls, Montana. He leaves behind a legacy of love, laughter, and countless memories that will forever be treasured by those who knew him. A funeral service will be held at 11 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2023 at Eastgate Funeral Service, 2302 East Divide Ave, Bismarck. Visitation will begin one hour prior to service. Interment will take... Full story

  • Op-Ed: Make Your Voice Heard to Help Rebuild Montana's Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Systems

    Updated Nov 7, 2023

    By Rep. Bob Keenan, DPHHS Director Charlie Brereton, Sen. John Esp No Montana community is untouched by the mental health crisis. Suicide. Addiction. Loneliness. The struggle to find mental health services or appropriate supports for individuals with developmental disabilities. Patients receiving care in places that aren't best for them. The list of challenges facing our communities is long and years in the making, and the time for setting that list aside is over. This...

  • Op-Ed: Clarifying The Facts As I See Them On The 95 Mill Property Tax Increase

    Sen. John Esp -R, Chairman, Mont. Senate Finance Committee|Updated Nov 7, 2023

    Recently opinion pieces and information sent to legislators regarding the counties decision to levy 77.9 mills instead of the State directed 95 mills has been circulating in both statewide newspapers, and internal legislative correspondence. It appears that the message being distributed is counties are giving large tax breaks to corporations and out of state homeowners while doing little for the average Montanan. While the numbers can be interpreted to support that message,...

  • Why Does the House Speaker Matter, Anyway?

    Lee Hamilton, Center on Representative Government|Updated Nov 6, 2023

    Wednesday, November 01, 2023 It would be a stretch to say that the US government came to a standstill after GOP members of the House unseated Kevin McCarthy as Speaker at the start of October. The Senate and the executive branch both kept working to move their priorities forward during the three weeks before the House finally found a replacement. Federal workers kept programs running and operations on an even keel. Yet the House's dysfunction had a clear cost: an inability to...

  • Montana Followed Meandering Path Toward Statehood (Part 1 OF 2)

    Updated Nov 6, 2023

    Each of the United States of America – except the original 13, Texas and California – was first organized as a territory before achieving admittance to the Union as a state. Originating with the Ordinances of 1785 and 1787, the territorial system provided the expanding U.S. with a method to govern frontier areas until they gained sufficient population and economic maturity to qualify for equality with the states. Territories represented a sort of compromise between col...

  • What do Montana's independent ranchers need to survive? Customers.

    Susan Shain, High Country News|Updated Nov 6, 2023

    This story was originally published Oct. 31, 2023 at High Country News. In a squat 1,100-square-foot building on the outskirts of Helena lies a pile of enormous tongues. They are thick and leaden, stacked on a steel table like fish out of water. The bovines from which they came hulk nearby, cold carcasses hanging from cold hooks. Bearded men, their white coats covered in blood, rhythmically chop livers, punctuating the hum of industrial refrigeration. This small...

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