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By BobbiJean Buster
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Citizen reporting key to lowering crime in Lincoln Valley


August 22, 2018

During the last few months Lincoln has reported fewer crime to the Lewis and Clark County Sheriff's Office, and the citizens of Lincoln have had a hand in this.

Thefts were the main crime affecting Lincoln.

"With the assistance of citizens, we got rid of some people and the thefts and burglaries went down substantially," Lincoln's resident Deputy Sheriff Chris Joyce said.

Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said as a result deputies have been spending more time in other areas, including Wolf Creek and Augusta, and less in Lincoln. 

Since Joyce finds himself spending more time away from Lincoln, he relies heavily on citizens in the community to let him know what is going on. The people who are still causing problems don't when he is around and on duty, Joyce explained and he asked that if a person sees something suspicious, report it. Even if he can't make an arrest based on the call, he will go and speak to the person acting suspiciously.

Therefore, he says if you see something you feel is suspicious, or that the Sheriff's office should be aware of, call dispatch at 406-447-8293 and ask for a phone call from a deputy. Your concern will be followed up and you can remain anonymous. In the case of an emergency, call 911.

Calling dispatch rather than trying to call Joyce directly ensures that the information will reach a deputy who is on duty, and that the concern will be recorded as call for service.

Dutton credits much of the change to Joyce's active role in the community.

"Deputy Joyce has taken a real interest in the community he has adopted," he said. "The ability for the deputies to spend time in other areas is a reflection of Deputy Joyce's persistence to solve crime in the Lincoln area."

When Joyce is off duty Corporal Jeff Stoltz spends time in Lincoln, as does Deputy Jerome Steiner. Staffing decisions are made based on the calls for service dispatch receives.


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