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By Tammy Jordan

Who's On Your Apocalypse Survival Team?


April 29, 2020

photo illustration Roger Dey

Being self-quarantined for the last few weeks has given a lot of people a lot of time to think about things, like the end of the world, how they'll survive, and of course, the apocalypse. Recently, there has also been an uptick of Facebook posts pertaining to surviving without normal necessities like a grocery store, clothing boutiques, pet stores, yarn shops – the list goes on – and building an apocalyptic team.

Everyone has their strengths and ways to contribute to an apocalyptic team. My skills are not yours, and vice-versa. While we can learn things from one another, we all have things we're especially good at. I'm sure there are people out there who can do a lot of the things listed below, but it seems as if it would be much easier when there is a team of many individuals working together for a common good, and in this case, it's called staying alive.

Some people are natural-born leaders, and every group needs them. Survivalists - those who are truly skilled in outdoor survival - would be essential, especially here in Montana, as well as those skilled in infantry and defense, because not everyone know how to or wants to shoot a gun.

Those with medical experience are highly valued to help care for those in the group, and could also treat animals as needed.

Eating is essential to stay alive, therefore hunters, fishermen, and gatherers are also all necessary. Those who know how to butcher meat, can and preserve food, cook and bake, are also vital. Likewise, those who know how to grow food in a garden, build greenhouses and save seeds are needed. Domestic and farm animals will need caring for, so those familiar in animal husbandry will be very useful and can help with the raising of meat, wool, milk, eggs and more.

Someone who can "scrounge" for items that can be repurposed by those who have handyman-type skills may seem like nothing, but these individuals have imagination and vision to help create things out of nothing. Carpenters and construction-minded individuals would be pertinent to building new or repairing old structures for living. If horses will be used for transportation, and traps needed for hunting, as well as other iron and metal work, a blacksmith would be of great need.

Preparation of wool and fabric to create material and yarn for clothing would be needed, especially for the colder months. Bartering skills would become a way of the world. Teachers would be needed for children and adults alike, and for those who believe, a clergyman to lead and guide them would also be important. Fortunately, we have many of these people right here in Lincoln, or in the immediate area.

Has the recent situation made you think about who you would invite to be part of your team, and what you could offer to your team?

Now, while I don't believe we're to the point of having to pick a team to survive with for the moment, I do have several in the back of my mind for the team I'd wish to build. As far as skills I could offer, let's just say I'll be one of those folks who will help clothe a team in wool.


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